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Well it seems Home Depot has finally decided to reply to my first email that I sent them. With this following. I urge everyone to call the number provided, and tell them that you want John to stay on as the voice of Home Depot!

Dear Ms. Jess,

Customer Care is in receipt of your e-mail dated May 28, 2005.

We appreciate you taking the time to forward your concerns regarding

replacing John Schneider in our commercials. Please know that the

feedback you have provided will be taken very seriously and will be used

in the overall evaluation of our services.

If you would like to speak with a Customer Care professional, please

call us at 1-800-553-3199 (U.S.) or 1-800-668-2266 (Canada). We would

be happy to assist you.



Customer Care Department


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New and more ideas to help Save John.


Post cards have been used in many campaigns to save a show, or something else important to fans.

If your willing to spend a few bucks on a postcard, and stamps, send a postcard, HOWEVER I am having a hard time getting an address to send them too. If anyone can find one, please let me know.

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