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Chat Time

Skyler Vanseenie

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Hi Everyone,

I am writting with hopes a new chat date can be set. Being new to Hazzard is very hard and I'm afraid I still haven't figured out who everyone is. Sense it's been a long time, sense anyone has tried to have a chat time/date......I thought I would ask everyone to try again.

I would like to ask MaryAnne:

"If You would (PLEASE), be ever so kind as to choose a date and time for all to introduce themselves."--I know you have a very busy schedule, but I would be greatful if you could take a moment to try and set a chat time for everyone.)

Thank you all for your time,

Skyler Vanseenie -(New to Hazzard)

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Hi Skyler,

Well I'll tell ya what. I'll set up a chat date here. It would take place on AIM so make sure you have AIM. The chat feature here at HNet is not up and running yet.

Lesseee.....*checking calender* Let's try for Feb. 11th starting at 8pm EST. That's a Wednesday night.

Now the last couple of times I've set up chat rooms on AIM I've had technical difficulties and kept getting booted out of the room. This happened under my MaryACltrn ID, so instead, cousin Cully will probably open the doors of the Boar's Nest and y'all can show your proof of age with him. LOL. (Meanin', look for CullyDawson on yer AIM, ding a hello and he'll let ya in. LOL). I'll still be there too but I won't have to check the ID. LOL.

If Wednesday doesn't work out, let me know and we'll try a different date.


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TO: The IMFAMOUS Characters:

I believe I owe you an apology.......I guess, I feel there are no small parts in Hazzard. For even a small part can make the difference in any story. Sometimes the small part is the best, for it can bring the whole story together.

Thank You, Mr. Coltrane for leaveing your kind message.

And to Those of you who consider yourself still to be one of those "Imfamous Characters" ......

Please accept my apology and join us,

for You are invited too.......

Thank You,


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Heya'll I had an idea. I think that we should have a chat once a month, that way we can all get together and hang out on a regular basis. Its great to have people together on AIM, an its alot of fun to hang out an chat with people who you dont normally or o normally talk to.

I know that theres already been one chat this month but it was held at a hard time, an some of us really didnt get to enjoy it. So I think that there should be another chat held, hows Saturday Feb. 28th 2004. See ya around folks.

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