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  1. All I can say is... No No No No No No No and NO! sigh... this is a Straight to DVD comedy... IF its made. im not for this one guys. im gone. -Brad
  2. gave me a few laughs. im gone. -Brad
  3. Mr.Nelson performs the Dukes theme song, beyond awsome. but unfortuneate that its Only 1 minute long. who here wouldve like to hear an extended version (ie: 4min) of that opening theme? shouldve been done. im gone.
  4. hmmmm..... havent posted here in a while, but this is what i gather: Somehow i dont see a sequel happening. The duke boys can only save the family farm so many times until the series cancellation in the eighties. with that being said, dont just ask yourself if another one is in the works, but ask yourself what possible plot could be made to make a sequel work. What possible Hazards could the boys get into behind the wheel of the general next? my mind personally just rewinds 25 years back to the original series on how they mixed up pot shipment (or as rosco would call it, "Major-wana!") with a hot water heater. but thats just one of many possible examples. get my drift? it was All done on the small screen and Re-done on the silver screen. Yes, theres tons of ideas out there, but will those ideas appeal to investors for another film? the Big question is outside of hazzardnet and Duke Fest is there a big enough of a demand for another high speed hot pursuit flick? because Unfotuneately its all about the money these days. if it doesnt/wont make money the idea is rejected or the series cancelled. So IF a sequel is in the works the plot has to be somewhat fresh, new and even more exciting than the last to make some real dough. Like Indiana Jones, Star wars, Back to the Future, Batman and Saw. because alot of other sequels just dont cut it and end up ruining the original flick (unless the original sucked in the first place. ie: Garfield.) hell ya, i want to see a sequel! bring it on! Just dont ruin the original, keep the original cast (somehow i dont think that'll be an easy task) to keep the momentum flowing and new challanges! what else could possibly challange the general? honestly? LOL jk my insight into a sequel is some street racing. make money off of it, pay off some debts before your knee caps go Bye-bye. i dont know. Any other plot ideas for a sequel guys? im gone. -Brad
  5. This post is in the completely wrong forum here, but your right. it is a damn cool video! saw it on the other day. blew my mind LOL im gone. -Brad
  6. sorry i deleted it guys. i needed the server space. it was the opening credits to "the dukes of hazzard reunion" from cbs. im gone.
  7. Nice article there Brian! thanks for the link man, great read. im gone. -Brad
  8. As my first time posting in this one forum i must quote this one: my moms old 91 mercury topaz. i loved those cars. lightweight, alot of 4 bangers yet the speedometer still went to 200kph (double the hiway speed limit) , it actually could reach 200kph! you could drive those things over anything, they just bounce off like a rain drop and seemed to like mud and alot of water. ahhh, memories. im gone.
  9. couldnt help quoting top gun up there with this post im a huge Need for Speed fan. ever since it first came out years ago ive been addicted to it. but funnily enough never played it on PS. only PC, and heres the reason why: so if you can do a little re-programming (downloads comes with instructions ) try it out. blast to play Hot Pursuit 2 with the general lee! im gone. PS. if you want the best detail wise General lee try my faveroite:
  10. Wait a sec now... NO WIDESCREEN?! now im officially pi**ed! I expected "Jackass the movie" Not to offer widescreen, but hell - this is the dukes were talkin about here. I'll buy the PG13 version and unrated. and like i said, rip the stunts and exras off of the unrated version and burn them onto another DVD disc. then cook the Unrated DVD in the microwave or blow it up. i havent decided yet. Anyways... now that i Know theres a PG widescreen version out there im not As upset anymore. like, imagion the jumps Without widescreen! what a total waste of cash to buy that version. :x sorry all if im comming down really harsh on this subject here, im normally a pretty "happy-go-lucky" type of guy. but this just boils my blood. im gone. -Brad
  11. I know this has been discussed numerous times, but bare with me... okay all, as a few here may know im a Serious movie buff. and a big fan of Broken Lizard's films as well but after watching the flames the other night my bud decided "hey. i just bought the dukes movie! lets watch it!" when we all saw it in theaters as is. And enjoyed the theater version. it was fresh and new. Anyways... im Completely Disgisted! Un-Rated? WTF?! what did they do to cooter?! christ. i Swear i will NEVER watch that flick again except the chase scenes and extras. the nudity was one thing. but the drug use? actually showing it happening?! and the Language??! OMFG! Now i understand where Ben Jones was comming from. im best off to Buy the DVD, rip the extras and chase scenes off onto my computer, Burn them to DVD then microwave the actual DVD till it melts to the plate. im gone. -Brad
  12. Me and a bud were debating this yesterday... Okay, we all remember the Original series where (of course) they had to show the car in mid air in slow motion. it almost seems that they did the same in the new flick? Only for one jump. the last one in the flick actually (off of cooters truck). but why do they seem like there in "Slo-Mo" in the new flick? they just made them bigger! Where my bud argues that they slow-motioned the jumps just as done in the original series. thoughts? im gone. -Brad
  13. I made this a while back now, not sure if i posted it. just curious if anyones seen it. thoughts? .......................................................... you cant tell me #1, that you wouldnt do it and #2, Why do people do things like this? im gone. -Brad
  14. Im buying it For the DVD stunt "behind the scenes" extras im gone.