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  1. Okay I was thinking what if Cooter tells Lizzy at David's what has happened and she take care of the problem there as well.

  2. Well must've been a mistake it's the 15th anf thank you as well.

  3. Hey there what's going on right now.

  4. I hope you don't mind what we did with Amber it seems that Cassidy and Angel are asking questions right now as well.

  5. Hey tomorrow is my birthday and going to Fat Burger as well.

  6. talk to you tomorrow then.

  7. My Supervisor the whole time his wife Jackie was pregnant they couldn't tell what she was having and they thought she was going to have a boy and she had a girl.

  8. took a docter long enough to find out the problem now as well.

  9. I don't think Bo minds so much myself now Lizzy.

  10. When she accidently let it slip that she was pregnant again!

  11. What did you think of what Shannon accidently let slip now as well.

  12. I think Luke will be happy with Salena, Molly, Matt and Dawn if she survives now.

  13. Somehow Salena is defending Brian right now that's a switch now.

  14. It's a tear jerker I know that now.

  15. What about Natalia, one of my manager her daughter has a baby girl six weeks early and name her the baby girl Natalia it's Italian for Christmas.

  16. Are you getting rid of Lizzy or she going to pull through after all.

  17. Well between Bo and Shannon all I can say is oops.

  18. I wrote where they decided about a emergency C-section now.

  19. So what is the next baby going to be now.

  20. Shannon is bringing the pink sleepers she bought when she was pregnant with Bo Jr. just in case as well.

  21. Well this is certainly any surprize now.

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