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  1. 1. B.Family honor 2. d. Radio for Help, just in case it's worse than it looks. 3.B. Turn it in to the Authorities. 4.b. You'bve got a Happy home. 5. E. Remind everyone that you fix their cars. 6.b. driving?fishing/skinny dipping. 7. B. YeeHaaa 8. c. it all depends, ya see I got definitly Duke material.
  2. Julieduke


    James Best sings the Hooper theme song " A Hollywood stuntman."
  3. They need to add one of her songs either "Homewrecker or Chariot or even Pochantas Proud " to the movie , it would be so cool.
  4. What if Rosco had to deal with K.I.T.T and Michael , I mean that car could go 300 mph and turboboost over anything.
  5. This happened in 1988 by the way, my dad loved that car. He even had a rebuilt carb in it but it wasn't the same afterwards.
  6. there is a little town in Ohio called Homersville,Ohio that reminds you of Hazzerd,.
  7. 52% Dixie. Actually I am from Ohio, a funny little thing that actually happen when I was on vacation in Georgia with my family. My dad was drivin and we was a this little country road and he had a 1984 Caprice Classic with V-8 with 4 carbs, and he sees this stop signs and he must been going 85-90mph and we felt the Caprice go in the air a little bit. Oh by the way no ticket that day. True Story
  8. Trivia question who does Rosco say needs help getting down after ladder get knocked out from under him? A. Avery B. Billy Joe C. Enos
  9. It's Halloween episode, just a little trivia did you know that David Hasselhoff started his tv career on a Cbs soap opera. Small World nuh. 8)
  10. One of the season two episodes you can see the Hollywood sign, i forget which it is but look closely for it. It surprized when I had seen myself because you are thinking didn't they edit it out a little better. I mean when you think about it supposed to Georgia, right who agrees with me. question : When does Rosco first debut Flash in the seris?
  11. KItt looked at the driver so, trusting him would be simple and I don't hink he drive you Boise, Karr would pull that trick on ya.
  12. Ya, but think what Rosco had wanted to pullover Michael in one of this Speed Traps, and he keep up with him. Well, the it fun notation to think about thow here.
  13. I think myself that her "Homewrecker" song would be perfect for the movie and Dierks song "How I am Doing".
  14. Oh come now, it would fun see Rosco try to catch Kitt now. His top speed was 300 mph and later 325mph. And if your car could drive itself image if somebody had too much to drink, Kitt would drive you home.
  15. Smokey and the Bandit got some mention in the Dukes at least Burt Reynolds, how come he never guest starred on it.
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