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  1. The cast for the original dukes of hazzard was well picked,and the caracters were well played! As for Burt reynolds, he has always been one of my fav actors,but as boss hogg????I'd rather see him act as Roscoe,after all James best was buddies with burt,way back in the cannon ball run movie,on and off screen! Burt was really funny and the coolest bandit ever,as Roscoe he gets to be funny and upholding the law ,sorta speak, instead of being the chasee,he becomes the chaser...lol! I think Danny devito would be a great boss hogg. that scott fellow,is an awsome actor,but doesn't fit the Bo type! I've been knocking this movie since I got here,what an ass I was, I took y'all advise and decided to give it a chance! I still think the cast is not well picked ! I love the idea of the general lee in action on the big screen, and maybe these actors are big fans of the dukes too,hell If I had the chance to be Bo Duke,i'd take it too! Willie nelson is a great guy,and he can act somewhat,but just don't seem fitting for him to be uncle jessie! I guess I just expected too much of this movie,wanted the cast to be in resemblance to the original as much as possible ! I guess I'm old in my ways,I really feel bad for those other post i put out knocking this movie! Well thanks for not shoving me aside,i really didn't mean to offend anyone! sincerely ,dukefan!
  2. according to a site I visited,there were 147 episodes,one of wich was called"arrest Jessie duke"! In this episode,women are stealing parts off cars wich boss re sells,and the women always got away in jeeps,going through ruff terrains where only jeeps can go! So of course,the dukes and cooter turn the General lee into a monster car. It looked pretty cool,funny but cool! I looked at all 147 episodes,and only" 5" I didn't remember ever seing! Look for a forum on this issue in the near futur, it's time to go back into memory lane and see just how much we do remember! ,,,,,ku kuk ku! I love it I love it I love!
  3. Hey y'all, sorry for trashing the new movie so dang badly,i know it's cruel of me and wasn't thinking of how I was either offending some and discouraging others! Sure,the idea of keeping the dukes alive is one thing,and seeing the general lee in action on the big screen is rather interesting,I just wish they would've had the right cast for the movie! They should have been actors that look a little like the original cast,at least then it would have been more acceptable to watch! Does anyone know who catherine bell is? She's so dang near a perfect look alike for the role of daisy,wish was played by catherine bach! It's like you said,no matter who they pick,we will still be disappointed! A true fan of the dukes,will always be critical of this movie,and I'm sorry i made an ass of myself by posting everywhere how much I just depise this movie! I know i will never accept it, but if they at least had a cast worthy of the show,then maybe I could be more open minded ! For those who are annoyed with my rantings,I'm sorry i bursted y'all's bubble! Seing the general lee in action again and on the big screen, is something that does make my heart skip a beat! I've always adored that car,and I'm obscessed by it! So capt,from this day forward,I'll respect others more in here for their views too,I sincerely thank you for bringing my attitude to my attention,I never meant to step on anyones toes! I do love being here,and I am a true blue fan of the original Dukes of hazzard,see y'all later you hear! Thanks to those who take the time to read this forum and I appreciate any comments openly! Sincerely yours,dukefan! P.S.: Can anyone show me an example of how to put pictures on here,I really don't get it with all this url and stuff! How am I suppose to know what the url of my pics are......I don't get it.....help??????
  4. Although I'm against this movie ever taking shape,i have to agree with y'all about who should be the cast of the dukes! Danny would be a great boss hogg and i would rather have reynolds as rosco,remember cannon ball run,burt and james best were acting as friends in that show,so it would be very fitting if Reynolds took the part or rosco,don't you???? Travis tritt would be o.k. as cooter,at least he would fit well! As for the rest,your choices are good, if they put actors who have "the right chemistry" together,then maybe this movie just might have a chance! At least it would be a cast people know who they are,really know them,but I would still be bias,'cause to me it's a waste of time to make this movie! viper,I love your choices for who should be the cast of the new dukes,charlie daniels would make a great jessie duke,and that would be more acceptable!
  5. Well a forum I can relate to! As far as i'm concern,they shouldn't even bother bringing out the movie! The cast sucks,there is never gona be any chemistry between the crew and they sould've used coy and vance(forgot their real names), for Bo and luke,at least they had a taste of what their part was! Never the less,after they made the two reunions,that should have been the last of the dukes! They'll never have anymore reunions,their time has came and went unfortunately! I still liked the second reunion,it wasn't what i wanted for the movie,but it was still good and the chemistry between them was as strong as when they were still in hazzard! This movie should be trashed and forgotten, just can't seem to accept any new dukes other then the real dukes! John,Tom ,Catherine & Denver ! UPDATE; I'VE BEEN EDITING MY POSTS, I HAD NO RIGHT SAYING ; "A TRUE DUKE FAN WOULDN'T ACCEPT THIS MOVIE ! " I never meant to be so heartless, I'm just set in my ways! So I took out anything I said about being or not being a duke fan !Sorry once again!
  6. As far as I'm concern,the whole cast sucks! Boss hogg has to be fat,hell cletus t judd fits boss hogg's suit better then reynolds.......
  7. In all respect,they can still use waylons theme song of good ole boys for the movie! Any other voice would be just a sin! The theme song of waylon is like the flag on the general lee,you can't take one without the other! Since waylon is no longer with us,why not have willie nelson narate the movie!?
  8. dukefan


    This was the first duke reunion,where Enos dang near got married to Daisy,buzzard on a buck saw!Wish I could see it again,i have the second reunion on tape,but lost the first reunion!
  9. dukefan

    Catherine Bach

    Now really,does jessica simpson even come close to being daisy????NOT!
  10. dukefan


    7 'cause,only luke can be luke,the other guy don't close to looking like him! 7 also'cause i'm a dukefan and always will be!
  11. First off,I can't figure out how to put an image in here,what do they mean by http and stuff,where do you find that in the pics I have saved???? Anyways,Ford had the right idea with the mustang>bring back the classic look! The 2006 charger sucks! Even though I don't consider the 1999 charger to be worthy of the name "charger", I however love the look of it,plus the fact that it would've been a rear wheel drive vehicle! Either way,if they want to make a new hazzard movie,they can't do it unless it's with the '69 charger R/T, that car brought a lot to the show! It'll be about the only thing that will make anyone curious enough to watch the movie! As far as I'm concern,no one can replace Bo,Luke,daisy or uncle jessie,no one! They can't even replace rosco,cletus,enos or boss hogg,let along cooter! Look what happened to the ratings when john and tom walked off the set,Bo and Luke were replaced by coy and vance,immediately,the ratings dropped! As soon as bo and luke came back,the ratings went straight to the top,so why go see that new movie!?Curiousity,pleeeeeease,give me a break,I could care less....fingers down to that! sincerely yours,dukefan ! UPDATE: since I was being a lard ass,i took out somethings in here,just 'cause I dislike this movie, it doesn't give me the right to trash it or accuse anyone of not being a true duke fan! FORTHAT I AM TRUELY SORRY!
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