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  1. Hi Roger, been following the Jeff Gordon story in Hazzard , that you and Garrett are writing, sweet stuff, read 2 pages so far, very interesting how Bo's bad day rubs off on almost everyone..... catch you later!!!

  2. Sorry been away for awhile, so much been going on and now I need to catch up... Happy New Years MaryAnne!!!

  3. Hi Roger, sure have missed seeing you ,how have you been???

  4. HI Roger, I don't know if you got my response or not to your last message or not, can't seem to get it right when responding to someone who leaves me a message.

  5. happy Birthday Dixie, hope you have a great day.

  6. Hey Roger, nice to see you again, here is turning quite cold too, and the leaves have turned colors 3 weeks ago here, love the colors in the fall.:)

  7. How's it going dude, hope all is well with you

  8. Happy Birthday DaisyMaeDuke....I sure hope you have a great day today!!!!!

    *HUGS* xx

  9. Oh ok Cowboy, sorry for my part of misunderstanding, thanks for keeping me in the loop.:)

  10. I will go see right soon.:p

  11. HI Daisy, sorry I been gone so long..*HUGS*

  12. Thank you very much Red, appreciate that.:) I am still catching up on here....lol

  13. Hey Roger, I am back, my grand ma is very ill, she has colon cancer and the only thing keeping her going is the meds. The doctors can't operate on her because she is to weak and would not survive it.

    I was really worried about how my mom was gona handle it, because it's her mom, and she has been through a lot this past year.

    I have missed you too, and missed being on here, but I am back.:)

  14. Hey Daisy, thank you ever so much!

  15. I will try later on Kay, right now, my brain is out of commission, got a soar throat, my head is all stuffed up and I am doped on tylenol cold...lol, well, not doped up, but a little air headed, I so hate feeling sick....

  16. That is alright James, I can understand being very busy and such, I am just happy to have a letter from you, that is plenty for making my weekend complete. Mind you it is 2:41 am here at the moment, so that means it is officially Monday ...kew kew kew...:)

  17. I already checked, but didn't see anything...so I will have to hope this is the real James.:)

  18. probably, I just wish I was 100 % sure

  19. Yeah I know how you feel Daisy, and I wish I knew for sure it was really him

  20. I am having such a hard time, yet am so thrilled that I would be writing the real James best.

    It's not that I think anyone was lying, I know, people on here are like family, and like family we must trust each other.

    The reason I took my chances to write you, is what you had to say in the "Harry " thread, what ya had to say sure did make me feel proud.

    To have the actual James Best comment on our comments, someone whom I always loved to watch as Rosco P.Coltrane, you always made my day.

    To this day , I still watch my dvd, I love the Dukes, but in some of the episodes that you were not in, it felt empty, you always cheered me up.

    When I am down, I watch you on dvd, and I am writing now, because this is as close to ever meeting you as I am ever going to get.

  21. not much cousin, was feeling rather sick most of the day and I just woke up, it is now 7:40 pm here, what time is it there, and how ya been Daisy?

  22. yea, I like the way you write as well, and I will write in soon. Later on, if you want to, maybe we could write another one with just you and me as writers.

  23. I imagine it is fine, I did not bother anymore, Julie and Daisy do not read what we write, I clearly said that Bo and Luke could not answer their cb, only can hear them calling, yet they have jeb and the dukes talking to each other, is not possible....

    I know , they are trying, but every time we write something, they go off in the other direction, not following the story at all, and it drives me nuts...

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