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  1. Thanks for sharing!

    Link DOH epguide ~title & airdate version~

    3rd season

    Enos Strate to the Top 11/5/80

    The Hazzardville Horror 11/7/80

    4th season

    The Fugitive 11/3/81

    The Great Bank Robbery 11/6/81

    6th season

    The Fortune Tellers 3/23/84

    Cooter's Confession 3/24/84


    Maybe it was the show coming in #1 & #2 for the network one week?

    Broadcasting a new episode and then a rerun of another episode... Getting ranked over all the other shows, would be a great achievement. Especially if they were up against a new series that didn't do well. Hmm?

  2. Oh Roger, you need to learn from the Dos Equis guy ;):


    The answer is Angela Lansbury, although I read the information on IMDb rather than in a book. I guess it just proves what American humorist and showman Will Rogers once said: "An ignorant person is one who doesn't know what you have just found out." Then again, he also said "A fool and his money are soon elected." :)

    I have another picture question now. Can you identify the Dukes guest actor from this more recent photo? I'll narrow it down a bit: she was in one of the Coy and Vance episodes. As usual, you can give her real name, the name of the part she played, or even a description if you can't remember either.


    Michele Greene aka Abby Perkins from L.A. Law ?

  3. Here's another tricky one. I recently found the following picture of a Dukes guest star, but who is she? She seems to look different in every picture of her that I see, so I'll give a few clues:

    The picture is from last year.

    It was taken at the 40-year reunion of the original Broadway cast of Grease.

    She played one of Grease's "Pink Ladies"; a color memorably mentioned in her Dukes role.

    Her Dukes appearance was in season 1.


    Marya/Mews Small, Frankie from Luke's Love Story?

  4. I have recently had a very unfortunate event happen to me. I was a victim of crime. This event has happened to me before and I realize that I need to be more careful, maybe it's a warning from the powers that be that I need to be more careful and less trusting of the world.

    However... with that being said, I currently work in a line of work that I have to deal with budding criminal minds every day. I have to help them complete their court ordered obligations so they can begin the rehabilitation processes.

    Now, after being a victim today of crime... I am reminded how different I am from criminal minds and how much the same I am. I want justice to be served, at any cost. I am rational about all this but inside, I am pissed and want to vomit at the very thought that I could be working with individuals that could have done the same type of crime that I am a victim of. I feel anger and violation that leaves me feeling embarrassed, stupid, exposed, and naive. I hate the feeling and it's happened before. Unfortunately... I know it very will happen at some point in my life again. I hate that possibility and wish I could do everything in my power from it happening again. I didn't grow up on the wrong side of the tracks and I don't give a crap if someone else who did and feels they have the right to victimize me, or feel that they can just do what they want to because they were raised wrong. I don't give a crap if the world is ugly. I know for a fact, it's not all that way all the time! Why? Because I LIVED IT! I did live in a world of "Mayberry or Hazzard County" I lived in a world that even though you get lemons sometimes there is always lemonade. Not a world where people have no respect and have the right to make a conscious decision to commit a crime and have no regard for their victim. You know what, sociopaths like that can be disposed of... I don't care how, but it's sad that they have to exist in this world. If you have no respect for your fellow man and feel the world owes you everything, you can take a hike and get the heck out of town because you don't belong in "Mayberry or Hazzard County", and if you want what 'we' "Mayberry or Hazzard County" have, they you sure are not going to get it by trying to take it from us. Oh, sure, we're suppose to be understanding. We're suppose to do things that can protect ourselves and our property from your diabolical habits. After all, you can't help yourself, you're a criminal! All of the good, honest, honorable, hardworking, self-respecting people should bend to your life because you just can't help but commit crime. Who cares if you cause heartache, pain, suffering, hey the world owes you right, and that sucker shouldn't have been there in the first place. They had it coming... WRONG! What gives you the right to think that way? What gives you the right to make a black and white world gray? You can justify your actions to yourself all day long but in the end... YOU ARE WRONG! We all are. We all are sinners to some degree. The difference between you and me is the fact that I try to respect others, I try to live in "Mayberry or Hazzard County", and I put myself through hardships in order to obtain reward. I have privilege because I earned it! I learned the difference between right and wrong, and I played the game by the rules and I'm finally winning at it. It takes honor, guts and bravery to live life with respect and to not be a coward and do the evil thing, or the thing that is wrong but you make it right in your mind. I also know people who have less than I and live in the world I do and have way more than YOU, and I'm not talking about material wealth. People tell me to start seeing gray in the world; no it's about time that the world started to go back to black and white. Now yes, I know that the world is gray, but if I see the world your way, 'gray', I will lose my world of black and white, which you have already stepped on and attempted to destroy.

    Now for everyone out there who wonders who I am talking to...? It's the criminal mind out there. I just want all those who think that way... I am really starting to have a hate for you. Yes, it's a strong word but after what I have been through with the criminal world, I have that right.


    Valerie M. Strate

  5. To my closest friends:

    I might not be in Cyber Hazzard after today :cry: . To a few of you, I hinted something might happen, well my worst fears are coming true.

    I finally had the courage to do something I should have done a long, long time ago. Now, my step mother is throwing me out of the house. I'm only 17. Please understand.

    I would like to thank all of you for being there for me. You helped me get through the rough times, as well as enjoy the good times.

    MaryAnne, I would like to thank you for keeping this ol' community running. I hope it stays that way until i'm 18 so I can come back. You do so much for us, and yet you expect so little in return. Thank you.

    Brian, I would like to thank you for your smartass anticts. Whether you realized it or not, you helped cheer me up a lot, and yet, you didn't expect anything in return either besides friendship. Thank you.

    Doc, you are a wonderful person to just sit and talk with. You are a good friend. Thank you.

    Kristy, when ever i pulled out my childish antics, you always responded in like. It made me feel good because I had someone to goof around with. It was fun. Thank you.

    Vicki, I know we ain't talked much, but I thank you for participating in the round robins. You always add a little spice in there. Thank you.

    Val, you're a great buddy, great to talk to. It's neat talkin' to a strate. You're always happy.

    EssyJane, thank you for all the time you would spend talking to me. You are a truly interesting person. You are going to get very far in life, I just know it. Just keep trying. You are an awsome author. thank you.

    Daney, I don't know when you'll get this, but you reminded me that I'm not the only one in the world with problems. Thank you.

    Jax, I would like to thank you for all of your stories you have written within the DOH world. They were really good and they cheered me up when blue before i met y'all.

    Chet, ever since we met, you were there for me through thick and through thin, through hell and highwater. Your author has been more of a sister to me than anything else in the world. Thank you for your courage and your friendship. You have done so much for me, and yet, I feel like i've done so little for you. You are a great writer, and a funny person. I owe you so much, including my eternal gratitude. We know each other so well, as if we were sisters in the past. If our paths never cross again, which I hope they do, I want you to know that you have made a profound impact on my life, more than anyone else I know. If things turn out like i'm afraid they will, I'll look you up online when i'm 18, if I don't decide to try to wind up on your doorstep instead. If I dssappear like I'm worried that I'm going to, which is almost definite, Chet, you are bestowed the honer of taking care of Hilery, Lex, Wiz, Renee, and Eagle.

    I hope you are ok and doing well!

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