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  1. Thanks Garret!! It started rocky but turned out pretty good.

  2. Hey Red!! Happy Birthday!!!

  3. I tried to get your attention the other night. Just wanted say "hey" and "happy new year"

  4. Hey BoJames!

    How's you? Miss talking to you.

  5. today was first in while that I've been on. I got back yesterday :)

    I just wanted to say hi!!!

  6. NO!!!!

    Every thing is not ok and won't ever be ok.

    No really cares. I just want to say maybe I'll see ya around, but more then like

    i won't. it was nice knowing you.

  7. What happen? Where did you go?

  8. We did Friday. My b-day is this month. The weekend of my birthday there will be fireworks at islandfest. Which is a blast to go to.

  9. Friday nights where awesome they where like 30 minutes long, but Saturday was 15minutes long and not as good. I love 4th of July. Then again July is my favorite month of year.

  10. It was good. We saw fireworks both Friday and Saturday night. What about you?

    Things ok with you.

  11. red what was that about? why did you say that for?

  12. Hi! Hi! How's you? How was prom??

  13. Hey red!!!

    Is everything ok with you???

  14. She was suppose to come on. She want to talk about something. She seem depressed.

  15. Hi! I'm just checking in with you.

  16. Have you seen red? She was suppose to be on tonight.

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