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  1. Whatever you do don't waste your time with Slixx decals. The 01's are too big, the flag is way too short and the General Lee font is too large. The quality is good but they basically copied the MPC dukes decals. Go here to jbot decals. I have a set of his and they are screen accurate. http://www.jbot.ca/cars/misc/general.shtml
  2. How's the Boar's Nest coming along Mark? So far it looks amazing!
  3. "State of the County" episode in season 3. Boss was explaining how he wanted Hazzard Square decorated with banners and posters,etc. He was eating sauerkraut and sausages and stated that it was a good appetizer--and wondered what he should have for his main course.
  4. I'm mainly working on the General, however I decided to incorporate the sheriff's car in here as well. I'll give more detailed pictures later when both models are finally complete. http://i1278.photobucket.com/albums/y510/BrentonH77/IMG_0291_zps5dfc4f4f.jpg' alt='IMG_0291_zps5dfc4f4f.jpg'>
  5. This was portrait I drew of Boss Hogg from the episode "Duke vs. Duke." Boss was explaining to Rosco that his secret weapon against the Duke boys was a "seeecret." The expression on Boss' face after he made that statement is priceless, even though it was for only a fraction of a second. I must say...he was my favorite character on the Dukes.
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