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  1. Hey y'all. I'm not sure if y'all have heard of Rusty Cash, one of the, if not the best and most well known Boss Hogg impersonator. If any of you were ever at a Dukes event and there was a Boss Hogg character, chances are it was Rusty. Well unfortunately, he was rushed to hospital earlier. His wife Dana announced this on Rusty's Facebook page earlier, and left a message two hours later saying Rusty was in surgery and it wasn't looking good. So for any of y'all that are religious, please think of Rusty in your prayers, and for those with Facebook who want to send Rusty a message his personal F
  2. I was watching "The Boars Nest Bears" earlier and remembered another story Tom told us. About midway through season 4 the crew learnt that Warner Brothers lease on Lake Sherwood wouldn't be renewed for season 5, as the land was to be sold and the lake drained. Tom and the stuntmen got together, and decided to try and find a ranch that they could buy and rent out to WB. They discovered Valencia Oaks Ranch, and naturally agreed to keep the deal secret from WB until they owned the ranch. I think Tom said they were going to buy the ranch for $1 million, which wasn't that big a deal divided up betw
  3. The second train jump General was previously owned by someone who removed the standard engine and replaced it with a custom 4 speed manual Ford engine. Apparently none of the stuntmen wanted to drive it because the jump equipment they used was so tight that they were unable to move much once they were strapped in, hence they couldn't change gear. The stuntman that was going to do the jump was John Cade. He was hesitant about using the manual General, until Tom took him for a ride on the section of road they had closed off. The engine was so powerful that it was able to reach 90mph in second g
  4. I had forgotten about the tow truck until you mentioned it now, and it's also reminded me of another story with a Jesse pickup an a General Lee. Firstly though, the crew used the tow trucks mainly as props, but would sometimes use them to tow a car out at one of the ranches. They were in the middle of filming season one or two, and a car ( did Tom say it was a General Hoss? ) slid off the road into a dry creek. On this particular day instead of using the tractors at the ranch the crew decided to use Cooters tow truck, after all that's what it was built for right? Well as the crew hooked up th
  5. Ok ok ok I'm sorry I'm so slow! I intended to edit the video to have pictures and video clips over Tom's voice, but I could never manage to separate the audio from the video. And then as if the plan couldn't go any worse.... my laptop crashed and I lost the video footage. Sorry everyone, I know you were all really looking forward to the video. Hopefully if Tom is over again next year I can record our interview again... Haha just kidding!! Here's the youtube link to Tom's interview. Unfortunately youtube wouldn't let me upload the video as one, so I had to break it into three parts. Ladies and
  6. Thanks Mufn! It's one step closer to a Dodge Charger!
  7. Haha trust you to come up with something like that Hoss! I'd imagine if the hoses were longer it would go slower, purely because there's a greater distance from the compressor to the horns. Would that be right?
  8. I didn't get a chance to get to the wrecking yard today, do instead I decided to wire up the Dixie horn with help from my uncle who knows a lot more about electronics than me. We have to drill into the firewall (the bit of metal between the engine and cabin) to run the wires for the horn switch into the cabin. We plan to use bathroom sealant to fill the hole that we drill. Unfortunately we didn't have any bathroom sealant and it's meant to rain for the next few days, so we decided to just wire up the horn to check that it actually worked. Lets just say I'm not going to be the most popular neig
  9. The carpet in the boot / trunk was well worn and had started to cave in around the spare wheel. I decided that instead of trying to find one from a scrap car I would build a false floor out of plywood. This was fairly easy for me, as I did woodwork in school for 6 years, and this build is only going to require glue and screws. I started out by emptying the boot of all the stuff I'd managed to collect for this project. I know it's a huge boot... I then pulled out the carpet and made a template for the wood out of masking tape. I then got a few lengths of wood from my grandparents neighbour. T
  10. Hoss you really shouldn't show me things like this. You know I'll just try and do it! I forgot to mention this yesterday, but I tinted the side back seat windows because a) it's meant to lower the insurance rate, and keeps the car cooler in hot weather and gives a sense of privacy to people in the back seat. The tint comes in a big roll, sort of like aluminium foil or something you might use to cover food in the kitchen. It was really easy to do, and cost a quarter of what professionals would charge. I've also become a frequent visitor to the local wrecking yard. I've picked up small things
  11. Thanks Roth Ill try that tomorrow! I don't smoke, and probably never will but I still don't mind the smell of smoke. The problem with the car was that the smoke smell was stale, so smelt really bad. I might try and get rims from a newer model corsa, but for now my budget is down to zero haha so the wheels will have to wait!
  12. Hey Roth. Yes that's just what me and my cousins called him. I guess it just came from when I was a baby and could only say stuff like "momma" and "dadda". The grill is off because I mounted the horns and compressor to the metal bumper piece behind the grill and in front of the radiator. Don't worry though it's back on now! I've got the Tom Sarmento video on my laptop for a while now, but the version of windows movie maker I have won't let me add pictures over a video. If people want me to upload the whole video as one unedited video I will, but I originally intended it to be a bit more profe
  13. After removing the roof to try and clean it, I turned my attention to the seats. As you can probably guess, having someone smoke in a car for 16 years will leave a bit of a smell. I tried several times to clean the seats using industrial strength cleaning products and a steam cleaner, but it was no use. So I decided to throw out the old seats, and buy secondhand heated leather ones. While the seats were being changed I went out and bought some carpet cut offs, and laid them down over what was left of the original carpet. I know it's probably not for everybody, but I'm personally happy with the
  14. Hey y'all! I know my presence here over the past couple of months hasn't been great. I've had some big changes in my life. From my Granda dying, to finishing school, to a nasty breakup and lengthly fight with my ex. Anyway I'm back now with my latest crazy invention! Well when I say invention I really mean this : This was my Granda's car, which he gave to me just before he left us. It's a 1997 Opel Corsa, which is a fairly popular small European car. It's popular largely due to its small fuel efficient engine, and it being relatively cheap to run and modify. Granda was a relatively heavy smo
  15. Roth that's a screencap from Undercover Dukes. Corey plays the tow truck driver who pulls the bad guy out of the pond.
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