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  1. I know the Dukes was only shot for 5 episodes in Georgia and the rest of the time in California, but the first 5 episodes were the best to me. I like the rural Georgia country roads. They were asphalt roads leading into the town of Hazzard but when they changed locations to California, the roads became dirt for some reason. It just seemed more real to me when they were filming in Georgia. I also hate the special effects of the last couple of years of the show. Some of the jumps were just to fake and you could tell it. With the updated technology now, it may look better but not back then.
  2. I just found out at my brother's 59th birthday, that when he was chief pilot at Hardees, he was asked by a representative of Charlie Daniels to become the new pilot for Charlie and his band. That was years ago back when Charlie was heavy into the Marijuana and drinking scene. My brother is a Christian and did not feel that he could work around that kind of lifestyle. It is still cool that he was asked. I am a big Charlie Daniels fan. My brother went from Hardees foods to flying crop dusters and then back to jets with a local oil company, Eagle Transport, with Don Stallings Oil Company.
  3. I love the photo of Charlie Daniels as Uncle Jesse. I also like the idea of Lady Antebellum as the cousins. I would watch. I believe that it would be a more family oriented show or movie again with these playing the parts. The main problem with the other movies are the ones who produced it. They were trying to do a more updated version and screwed up. I am just glad that Denver Pyle was gone and did not have to witness what they did to his character and his show. I like Willie Nelson but not as Uncle Jesse. The dope smoking scene ticked me off as well as the foul language and dirty jok
  4. This probably has been talked about a lot on other threads, but the following I believe should be on a Duke's Movie or even a new Duke's series: Uncle Jesse: Charlie Daniels instead of Willie Nelson Boss Hogg: Danny Devito Daisy Duke: Still looking but the young lady on the Beginning Movie has promise. The Balladeer: Shooter Jennings Not sure on the others as of yet, but Charlie Daniels would be great. He could even do a reunion movie with the original cast as one of Jesse's brothers. Just a thought. What do yall think?
  5. Just wanted to introduce myself. I am Eric Russ aka Gray Rider. I am 41 years old and watched every episode of the Dukes while it was still new. I was hooked from the start. I have been doing War Against Northern Aggression for over 25 years and have done some WWII Army Air Corps Reenacting in honor and now in memory of my Daddy. He served in the South Pacific as part of the 13th "Jungle" Air Force. I am a Public Safety Communications Supervisor for the Rocky Mount Police Department and have been there going on 16 years. I have just started taking part in the Single Action Shooting Societ
  6. Welcome to HazzardNet :).

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