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    TheGeneral01 got a reaction from Skipper Duke in Hey Y'all   
    I agree. It just goes to show you that the best shows and entertainment will ALWAYS come back and be here to stay!
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    TheGeneral01 got a reaction from Hobie Hartkins in Cooter Quotes!   
    I know this necessarily isnt a new addition to the Cooter quotes section, but its a funny story regarding one of his quotes!
    After seeing the episode when Homer lands up on the hood of Cooter's truck, I laughed for ages and watched that part of the episode over and over. The thing that always got me was when Cooter would should "Hey! What say Homer!?"
    I loved it so much, that every time I ran into one of my buddies at work or in college or anything of the sort, I'd walk up to them and say "Hey! What say Homer!?" as a way of saying hello...
    Needless to say they all looked at me like a complete idiot... but I was laughing in my head and loving every minute of it!
    I eventually had to tell them what it was from, because it was just getting out of control!
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