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  1. I would second that artist comment. I purchased a few of these plates from DB537 and they are incredible. They are the closest thing I have found to the original hand made plates used during the original production. Excellent stuff and I cant wait to pickup more for the collection!
  2. Thanks for following up! I would definitely love to put in an order. I’d like to get prices and info on what plates / colors you’ll be making! Thanks!
  3. This is a great thread with some incredible info! Thanks for everyone sharing! Having grown up in Valencia, it was always fun to drive my General Lee around town. Literally every time I would fill it up with gas, I would meet someone who had worked on the show or knew someone close that did! I have a many photos from different visits to the Valencia ranch (among other locations). I’ll have to dig them out and share a few! It’s still very recognizable yet portions of the area where the duke farm were are largely overgrown.
  4. Sounds good! It’s been a few years since I posted!
  5. Are you still making these replica plates? I am looking for a replica green CNH 320 plate...