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  1. Cool. I'll take a picture of it when I get it, if it looks ok from 50' that's fine, if it sucks completely I'm only out $20. It is just for fun and I'm going to hang it on the opposite side of the bus, under the awning;
  2. Did you do this one too? If so, I just used it to order a 3'x6' vinyl banner from buildasign.com, they were running a special, $20 shipped for that size. I'm not sure how it will turn out, i forgot to make it vector based so it might end up pixelated. But I've never ordered something from them so we'll see.
  3. 'Yellow Pine Lumber Co.' doesn't sound too bad. I'm not sure though since we already have the Hazzard Sawmill. I'm also considering making that whole corner "Chickasaw County" since there were so many run-ins with Sheriff Little. Plus that is a corner of the map we rarely go to since there isn't any good roads over there yet.
  4. I'd really like to come up with something for the lower left and lower right sides of the map, we don't have much to reference those areas. The lower right corner is flat and mostly open, the lower left is steep and covered in timber. When our kids (currently age 3 and 7) get older we might make them a track for their quads in the lower right but for now they just ride in a big flat circle out in the meadow in front of the Boars Nest; They love Dukes stuff, that is for sure. Our 3 year old, Hudson, loves to play with the General Lee I made in Forza on the Xbox 360; Miles and Hudson love t
  5. Here's my current map of the property, all the red roads are just Jeep/Cat trails we've made;
  6. Thanks! That was about my last "good" idea for something fairly easy to put up. Will have to ponder some new ideas for future additions.
  7. Another addition, the "Hogg Mining Company" mineshaft;
  8. Daisy starts a Bikini Car Wash fundraiser to save an orphanage and they wash cars from all over the county the entire episode Boss is angry that the Dukes are making money and tries to sabotage the whole thing or creates a crooked similar business to put the Dukes out of business. Dukes catch Boss red handed being his crooked self and things go back to normal.
  9. Thanks. Don't think I could jump this if I wanted, 25 MPH wide open and weighs 2000lbs lol
  10. We picked up a Kubota RTV900 awhile back, since it was already orange I figured some General Lee decals would look right at home Jordan
  11. Thanks Roger, we'll just keep it "Gun Range" then if there weren't any decent Dukes references to that type of thing.
  12. Yeah I've heard of that happening, I might make a plate to screw to the side and door to keep the door from opening at all that way we can still use it for decor. Or just throw a paddle-lock latch on it.
  13. Added a few more signs/locations this summer. Turned the old milk shed in to Cooters Garage and found a spot I named "Dead End Canyon" Also added some non-Hazzard related spots; "Hudson Lake" a little spring we named for our youngest son "2 Spikes Point" named for a small elk massacre during elk season a few years ago "Miles Point" named for my deceased Grandfathers old hunting stand "The Shooting Range" - where we target practice, I don't think there were any Hazzard locations that would relate to a gun range were there? I hope to get the mine shaft entrance put up this year but it's gotte
  14. Nice car - I haven't got a Coronet in my model collection: http://www.hazzardnet.com/forums/showthread.php?p=187335#post187335 I think they only do '67, '69 and '70 in 1:18. Sadly the models are as close as I'm likely to get to owning a car like this due to finances and living in Ireland.

  15. Nice work! My friend could only do one color on his cutter so I made mine plain. That is great though.
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