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  1. Hey guys (and gals) It's been awhile since I've been online here. But thought someone might want to buy a good car. Anyway, here's the ebay auction... http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1978-Dodge-Monaco-/160904814556?forcev4exp=true Feel free to drop me an email with any questions within the next week.
  2. Well I know there's at least one other 1974 Plymouth Satellite Custom. Anyway, feel free to check mine out... Enjoy~ www.cardomain.com/id/StarCarz
  3. I know there are at least 2 General Lee's in the area. I was wondering if they post up on here? I'm usually up @ the "83rd Ave & Beardsley" carshow on Saturdays. So if any of you "Hazzard" replica owners live in the area, message me. It'd be cool to get together.
  4. Thanks! Yeah, I'm still figuring out the 'lay of the land' on these forums. Not exactly sure where to post when talking about my replica patrol unit. LoL But I just got my Aerodynic light bar and won some center caps for the wheels. I also just put in my order for the decals. The only things left to get are the light controls/radio (still looking for photos of the original car). And last but not least, a nice 'fleet white' paint job. If anyone has pic's or knows where I can find shots of the inside of the patrol cars, please send me the links. Thanks!
  5. Well I managed to post a few pic's of the car in the HazzardGarage Gallery. I just picked up a light bar for it too. Next are the decals and body work!
  6. Hey guys (and gals), Thanks for the welcoming commitee. I've managed to get a few things rolling with the car. So stay tuned as I post some pic's up in the media forum!
  7. Hiyaz all~ Just thought I'd throw a little "Hiyaz" to everyone. I recently picked up a 74 Plymouth Satellite in decent condition and I'm planning on dressing it up as one of the rarest Hazzard County Patrol units! I will see about posting some pic's soon. Anyway, just wanted to pop in and introduce myself.
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