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  1. hey you here for long?

  2. hey you goin to trivia?

  3. Ive read it twice from the library but I got it for Christmas too :)We should read it together and do a book club on it or somethin...and I dont know...Bo wont be...I know...

  4. Roger friend Roger!!!!!!!!

  5. merry christmas to you too! Get any nice Duke stuff?

  6. yeah...well...they arent as into Dukes as me

  7. I think so....welll...actually no...

    I have another Christmas party to go to on Monday...

  8. Yeah...I plan on it...

  9. welcome...great to see a fellow michigander on here

  10. did you get the pics I mailed to ya on your email?

  11. It's called John's Acoustic Chrustmas...available at Johnschneideronline.com

    I love em...

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