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    I"m a 25 year old girl who loves life, is a free spirit and was basically born in the wrong time!
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    New York City!
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    Music, Acting, Singing, The Beatles, GhostBusters, Blues Brothers, Dukes Of Hazzard
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    Sub-Ushering for Jujamcyn Theatres in NYC

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  1. Happy Birthday! Hope ya had a great day!

  2. Hey! :) All is good thanks. You know who I am, I just found out you were on hnet, messaged you on a site.... ;)

  3. Hey Hey! How's it goin!? S'been quiet awhile! What's goin on!? Hope all is well! Peace Love and Hazzard!

  4. Howdy Howdy! Hows you? Yea thursday was when I was goin to our county fair, but I ended up goin friday too!! :D n then Saturday I went to an Oak Ridge Boys concert....awesome times! lol....n now today truck show,along with yesterday...yay more concerts! lol...well hope yer havin a great day! I gotta go...bye byes

  5. Hello all! I've got a question, is ANYONE here on the Hazzardnet going to the Franklin Sussex Auto Mall Aug 22 to meet John Schneider!? It would be great to hook up with more fans around the NJ/NY area and loads of fun on a Saturday afternoon with who better than Bo Duke!? Please if anyone is going let me know! Drop me a line at: JennetteR@aol.com Have a pleasant afternoon all! Peace and Love Jenn
  6. Heyla! Ooooo Thurs and Sat!? Sounds like your gonna be havin fun!!

    Hope to hear from ya soon!

    Peace Love and Dukes

  7. Hey Hey! Just wanted to pop by and say HI! Miss you and hope your havin a good rest of the afternoon!

    Love you!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Howdy Howdy! Hows you? Yep Im havin a great day....Hope you are too...I just can't wait till thursday and Saturday though!!

  9. Hope yer ok and staying cool.

  10. Just wanted to pop in and say HI and hope your havin a great day!

  11. Just wanted to pop in and say HI!

  12. Thankie Emy! Thought it'd be a cool thing to post since BoDuke80 and I seem to talk about that quite a bit sometimes. Also gotta show my love for James since he really is a very sweet and lovely guy to meet! Have a great weekend! Peace and Love Jenn
  13. Awww Thankyou! I don't plan on stayin under the rock too long! It's just been too hot to come outta the cool shade of the rock. ::grin:: Thanks for the welcome! I know James Best writes on his Facebook alot. Didn't know if ya knew he had one but he writes on it quite a bit. Anyhoos, thanks for the warm welcome! I'll deffinately post more when I get other ideas in my head for posts! 8^) Have a great weekend!
  14. YAY First post! Anyhoo, most of you may or may not know that without James Best there would be no Bandit and probably no Dukes Of Hazzard either. How you may ask? Well, if you think about it James Best coached Burt Renyolds and helped him start his acting career. So if James hadn't have been at one time an acting coach and Burt never studied under him Burt might never have become the bandit. Sure the bandit might've been made because of the ideas in the directors head but Burt might never had been included in it along with Jerry. Or Jerry might've been the bandit in all three movies. (Though as much as I love Jerry Reed he just didn't fit the bandit namesake.) Anyway, if the Bandit never would've been made or made the way we know of it The Dukes might never have happened.....and that wouldn't have been good. So thankfully we have one man to thank and that's James Best. Okay Goin back under my rock now.....
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