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  1. Hopefully you all have been watching and enjoying "Trick My What?" The show takes a break next week for Thanksgiving but will be back on December 1 with TWO new episodes... one at 10 PM Eastern/9 Central and the next one at 11 PM Eastern/10 Central on CMT! "GLEE" is also coming up! John portrays Sam's father on the episode to be aired on FOX December 6 at 8 PM Eastern/7 Central. By the way... That movie in Canada is called "Whiskey Business". Phyllis
  2. John has been cast to play the role of Sam's father in "GLEE" beginning with the 8th episode of this season. "GLEE" is on the FOX network on Tuesday evenings at 8 PM Eastern/ 7 PM Central. A date for this episode has not been released yet; however, if the show is on every week then the 8th episode will air on November 29. I will post the definite date when it has been released. Please remember to watch "Trick My What?" on CMT on Thursday evenings at 10 PM Eastern/ 9 PM Central. Phyllis
  3. Hi everyone, Exciting news! John and Tom Wopat will be back in concert at the Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, on the evenings of April 12 and April 13, 2012. This is the same venue they performed in this past January to sold out audiences two evenings. Mark your calendars and start planning. Tickets will go on sale soon at the casino's website. Don't forget to watch John in his new series "Trick My What?" beginning this Friday, October 7, on CMT at 10 PM Eastern/ 9 PM Central. Phyllis
  4. John's new show "Trick My What?" premieres on CMT at 10 Eastern/ 9 Central on Friday, October 7. Here is a description of the show... Trick My What? From the producers of the hit CMT series “Trick My Truck,†comes this new one-hour, nine-episode series hosted by John Schneider that gives blue-collar workers the opportunity to trick out anything with an engine that helps put food on the table for their family. From shrimp boats to combines or logging skidders, Schneider will work to help trick out these lucky laborer’s equipment. TRICK MY WHAT? is produced by Varuna Entertainment with Jason Morgan and Melanie Moreau (CMT) serving as executive producers. Phyllis
  5. I don't know if anyone here is interested in donating toward a floral arrangement which will be at Glenn's funeral on Friday. It is from the the CGLFC and the Dukes family if anyone is interested in donating. I ordered the flowers and am accepting donations on my PayPal account. Let me know if you'd like to donate. Any donations are welcome. Thanks. Phyllis
  6. John will be meeting fans at the Kustom Auto Southern Nationals on August 27 in the Arena at the Golden Moon Hotel & Casino in Choctaw, MS. Phyllis
  7. John will be meeting fans at NJ's Hazzard County Fair '11 at the Franklin Sussex Auto Mall in Sussex, NJ, on August 13. Phyllis
  8. John will be meeting fans at Hazzard Homecoming in Sperryville, VA, on Sunday, August 14. Phyllis
  9. I want to say THANK YOU to all of my friends who helped make this a very special day for Jeratt. Yes, he lost everything in the tornado in Alabama recently but we Dukes fans stepped up to the plate and replaced as many of those Dukes items as we could. That young man will never forget the warmth he received today from all of us. The BBQ, the entertainment from Greg McDougal, Tom Sarmento with his special presentation of a General Lee autographed by the stunt team, Rusty and Dana Cash with the General Lee, Gary Conlogue as photographer for the event, John Schneider calling the boy on the phone, and the work of Donna Kirk getting all of this together, not to mention all the Dukes items that Jeratt has now to help him remember this special day.... I have tears in my eyes just typing this. THANK YOU to all involved! YeeeeHaaaaa!!!!! Phyllis .
  10. John will be meeting fans at the Hollywood Show in Las Vegas, NV, on November 19. Phyllis
  11. John will be meeting fans at the Hollywood Show in Burbank, CA, on July 16-17. Phyllis Edited by BC, Admin, to add: Also, John is at the Chrysler Nationals in Carlisle PA, July 8-10 Chrysler Nationals Show Info Plus he's at the Marilla Car & Truck show in Marilla NY on July 30-31. Marilla Car & Truck show These shows may have been mentioned earlier by Phyllis who does a great job keeping us in the loop. Just trying to bundle the July stuff together here. Thanks! -Brian P.S. I added the event link to the Hollywood show, to Phyllis's post. However, I couldn't confirm John's appearance there on his website, nor on the official event website. For that reason I have not included the Hollywood show on HNet's homepage. If I obtain verification I will add it to the homepage article.
  12. John will be greeting fans at the Frank & Son Collectible Show on December 10 in Rowland Heights, CA. John is the host for a 90-minute show "Opry Memories" reliving the best of the Grand Ol' Opry. It is being broadcast in June on PBS stations across the US. Everyone will need to check their local PBS listings for the day and time in their area. Phyllis
  13. Thanks for the help. He is really going to appreciate it. I sent you the PM. Phyllis
  14. I found out yesterday that there is a family in Alabama who lost everything they had in the recent tornado. Their 12-year-old son is a big fan of the Dukes and had a Dukes collection. Of course it is all gone now. I've been told that the family is getting help from FEMA but that isn't going to replace any of this boy's collection. Rusty Cash is planning on taking a General Lee and Rosco car to the home where this boy is now staying on June 25. He is going to deliver any Dukes item that is received by June 24 to the boy. If you have any Dukes item you would like to donate to this cause please contact me and I will give you the address where to mail your item. Let's show this boy how Dukes fans stick together and help one another. Thanks, Phyllis
  15. Tom Sarmento told me today that he is receiving a lot of phone calls asking him who from the Dukes attended the ceremony last Saturday in honor of Paul Baxley. He thought it best if he just give me the names and let me post them for him. So here goes.... First I must apologize if I have spelled any of these names wrong. I did my best. I am posting them in the same order Tom gave them to me so they are not in any particular order. Stuntmen from Dukes in attendance Craig Baxley Gary Baxley Al Wyatt Henry Kingi Bobby O. Jack Gill Steve Boyum Corey Eubanks Russell Solberg John Cade Teddy Barba Lance Turner John Moio Cast members from Dukes in attendance John Schneider Cathy Bach Rick Hurst Tom also told me that he has received 15 more cards in the mail since he has returned home. He is going to wait another week and then package all that he has received since he returned and mail them to Craig Baxley. I hope this answers everybody's questions. Phyllis
  16. I just got off the phone with Tom Sarmento. He wanted to pass along how touched Craig, Craig's wife Valerie, and Gary were with all the cards Tom delivered to them yesterday at the ceremony held in honor of Paul Baxley. Tom said that Craig was a little late getting there due to work so he hand delivered the cards to Valerie. She gave them to Craig when he arrived and Craig, Gary, and Valerie were all very touched with the fact that fans had cared enough to send them. They asked Tom to get their "Thank You" out to everyone who sent a card. Tom told me that there were cards from around the world and he was so impressed himself with the outpouring from the fans. He said it is hard to imagine how much those cards meant to the Baxley family but if you were there and saw their faces and heard their voices you would have felt it yourself. They felt the love that was sent in those envelopes and it meant the world to them. Tom told me that the ceremony was wonderful. It was like a reunion. The country club was beautiful. They ate a luncheon and several people, including Tom, got up and told stories about things they remembered about Paul, Tom said just meeting all the people again was great. He said there were stunt people and stunt coordinators there who he had not seen in thirty years. John, Cathy, and Rick were there from the cast. According to Tom, Cathy is looking good but is still very sad over her loss and John looked good driving up in his new Corvette. Al Wyatt was there and looks great after all of his medical problems he had a couple of years ago. Tom told me that it was very obvious that Craig, Gary, and Al were all very touched by everything that was said and done to honor Paul as they were fighting back the tears. The cards will be kept by the Baxley family as a reminder of what Paul meant to the fans. "Thank you" from Craig, Valerie, and Gary Baxley. Phyllis
  17. John has said that he would rather someone make a CMN donation rather than send him anything for his birthday. If you are going to send something to John however he wants you to send it to the following address as he is clearing out his house anticipating a move. It will go to Scott Romine and Scott will deliver it to John on his next trip to John's house. Thanks. Scott Romine PO Box 44 Wrightsville, AR 72183 Phyllis
  18. Tom Sarmento called me this morning to give me the information about the ceremony to be held honoring Paul Baxley who passed earlier this month. Here is the info. The ceremony will be held on Saturday, April 16 at noon at the following location Braemar Country Club 4001 Reseda Blvd. Reseda, CA 91335 Tom said that the best route is to fly into the Burbank Airport as it is a straight drive from there. The Baxley family has said that the ceremony is open to anyone who wants to attend. PLEASE remember that Tom Sarmento has volunteered to collect and hand deliver all sympathy cards which he receives for the Baxley family by April 13. He will hand deliver those to Paul's son, Craig, at the ceremony. He has been collecting these cards since Paul's passing and I am very disappointed to say that so far he has only received 6 or 7 cards. I find this very sad that we all as Dukes fans haven't pulled together and sent cards to let the Baxley family know that we are sorry for their loss. PLEASE stop at a store today and buy a card, sign it and mail it to Tom. We don't want him telling Craig that he has cards from all the Dukes fans and then handing him 6 or 7 cards. That would be embarrassing. Please send those cards to Tom Sarmento 8719 Milton Morris Drive Charlotte, NC 28227 Thanks, Phyllis
  19. I'm glad that got posted on here. I am the person who sent it out on Facebook. I just had not had time to get here yet. The info came from Jon Holland and it is legit. I've already contacted Chuck Hewatt about buying a piece of a log and he replied telling me he would get back with me soon about the shipping charge. Phyllis
  20. I have been told that the memorial service is going to be in mid-April. All cards received by Tom Sarmento at the address I previously posted before the service will be hand delivered by him at the service. This gives everyone a longer time to get the card to Tom. Phyllis
  21. I have some news from Tom Sarmento. He has had many people asking him how they can show the Baxley family their expressions of sorrow over the loss of stunt coordinator Paul Baxley. The Baxley family will be having a memorial service later this month for Paul. Tom will be attending. He said that he wants to help the "Dukes" fans so this is what he has come up with. Tom thinks it best if people who want to do something send cards. That way each person can write whatever they personally want to say on the card. Then mail the card to him at his home address. He will personally hand deliver all the cards he receives by the end of next week (Saturday, March 19) to Paul's son, Craig Baxley, at that service. For those of you who have to mail International and can't get the card to Tom by that date, he will continue to collect for a while and then mail the rest to Craig at a later date. Tom also has some pictures of Paul from the first couple of DukesFests which Paul attended. Tom is going to have those made into 8X10 prints and give them to Craig along with all of the cards he receives. He wants to do this for the fans since they are wanting to help the Baxley family. The address to send your card to is: Tom Sarmento 8719 Milton Morris Drive Charlotte, NC 28227 Please fill free to give this address to anyone wanting to send a card. If you have any questions, please let me know. Phyllis
  22. Thank you for getting this news posted on here. I tried posting it myself but the post never appeared for some reason. Tom Sarmento wanted all Dukes fans to know about the passing of Paul Baxley. RIP Paul. Phyllis
  23. Tom Sarmento wants everyone to know that we have lost Paul Baxley. I don't have any info yet but he passed either last night or this morning. RIP Paul. Phyllis
  24. The personal appearance announced earlier for May 21-22 at the Big Apple Comic Con Spring Edition in New York, NY, has been cancelled. Phyllis
  25. It is true. John verified it in an email to me. Phyllis