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  1. Being the courthouse only across the street from the clinic, Doc leans against her porch post, nursing a cup of coffee, watching the not-unusual antics of Coltrane and company. "It wouldn't be a usual Hazzard afternoon without an impromptu police chase." Unable to resist...she raises her voice to the two men. "Be glad its not me chasing you, Brian, but either way you may end up in handcuffs"
  2. Heh. Looks like Brian's a wanted man in more than one sense.
  3. I can't create a world because the creator is only not compatible with Macs. I may try to eventually to make a Hazzard-esque world with one of the premade worlds but I'm having too much fun with the sci-fi theme at the moment. Also, I'm getting Showtime on Thurs.
  4. Unfortunately, I got completely distracted by the new town to download, Lunar Lakes. Completely realistic Sim-Hazzard? Nah, Now I'm doing Dukes in Space!
  5. Unfortunately, when I starting creating a neighborhood matters, my laptop slooowed to a crawl and the game crashed. Good: I backed up my game so no Sim Apocalypse again. Bad: KDuke, you may have to be the world creator but if you send me lot sizes and locations I can build lots. In the meanwhile, I'll keep providing candids as I play.
  6. If you create a Hazzard terrain, I would definitely download it.
  7. Alright then KDuke, you inspired me. New Hazzard it is. Since I have no talent creating terrain, plus my Mac doesn't support World Creator. I'm going to use Sunset Valley as my base. It's going to be slow going and I'll use Hoss C's "Hazzard Square" thread for reference. There may be some slight modifications because of space and gameplay. I think I should be able to get pretty close. http://www.hazzardnet.com/forums/showthread.php?t=8221
  8. Ambitions Late Night Generations World Adventures Pets High End Loft Stuff Pack Because of this thread, I decided to restart my game and start fresh. Here's my Hazzard Sims so far... Brian and Doc http://i897.photobucket.com/albums/ac176/pendragon1980/BrianandDoc.jpg Luke and Bo http://i897.photobucket.com/albums/ac176/pendragon1980/LukeandBo.jpg Maryanne and Rosco http://i897.photobucket.com/albums/ac176/pendragon1980/RoscoandMaryanne.jpg Daisy and Jesse http://i897.photobucket.com/albums/ac176/pendragon1980/DaisyandJeese.jpg
  9. Unfortunately, I know how energy-hungry Sims 3 is because I tried to make a could "Big Brother" style households and it crashed my game, causing me to lose everything. Since then I only do 4 Sim households max. And I only have one Hazzard family in a neighbor at once, because of the AI. Although it was funny to be Brian join the Law Enforcement and Daisy marry off to Cooter because of the computer's decisions. And since I also had the time progression on, after a while I was starting to see second generation Hazzards showing up. Who Knew? Right how I'm fussing with Pets so I have Doc alone i
  10. Glad to see everyone is loving the pictures. I haven't play Sims in a while, been busy with everyday stuff. I have Bo, Luke, Brian, Maryanne, Chance in the game right now. At one point I also had Uncle Jesse, Daisy, Enos, Boss, Rosco, Cooter, Dr. Appleby and Miss Tizdale too. But it became too much to keep track as. The game has its own AI that makes some interesting life choices if you don't play a certain characters for a while. My big project if I ever had the time too is use the Map of Hazzard Square thread (I'm sorry, I forget whose started it) to create a true mini-Hazzard town in the S
  11. Thank you, pendragon1980. :)

  12. It was a few hours later, when Brian's aimless driving led him home again. It was dinnertime, and the cars in the driveway showed that MaryAnne and Rosco were already home. Brian parked Diablo and went inside the house, not feeling much like conversation, but knowing that avoiding dinner would send up a red flag to his investigatively-natured cousins. Without explanation for being late, Brian walked into the kitchen, grabbed a plate, and heaped it up as if he had an appetite. He took his usual spot at the table, muttering a dry "Howdy" to his cousins, keeping his eyes on the food. He poked aro
  13. At the words "Some of us have to make an honest living," Brian smiled, but his dark eyes flickered with an internal reaction. 

He hid it with a mild chuckle and a gentle squeeze of Chance's hand. He answered her invitation for an evening rendezvous with a nod. "Then ah'll see you later, mah love." 

His smile remained as he released her hand and turned away. His stride was long but unhurried as he walked towards town, his demeanor appearing confident and casual. 

But as he rounded the corner and was out of sight of the medical office, a sigh deflated him and his walk slowed. 

Some of us hav
"Nice sign, Doc. I bet it sends more business yer way." 

Pausing, Brian examined the sign another moment before feigning concern on a personal front. "Does this mean you no longer take walk-in appointments for mah complimentary physicals?" Chance smiled widely without turning around, the drawl behind her was unmistakable and very familiar. It had not always been so. When the young doctor first arrived in Hazzard, she had warned away from the notorious Brian Coltrane. So when they had finally met, Chance was downright rude and insulting, which oddly enough seemed to fascinate him. Sharp wi
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