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  1. Funny you mentioned Rocky take a close look in the background of my car!!
  2. LOL yer a trip Roger...as always! Thanks Brother!
  3. Hey everyone just wanted to say it's been a long road and well that the General Lee in this thread MY GENERAL LEE and I will be in the Philadelphia Comic-Con with John Schneider all weekend this June!!!!!!!!!! It has really been a great time making this car and, well between the fun with my son, car shows, making people happy, winning trophies, the thumbs up & smiles we get every time we take it out and now we are going to spend the weekend with John and then taking it to Sperryville VA in August well it's been a fantastic journey and I wouldn't change it for nothing! Click the link below
  4. Just wanted to say that my General Lee will be with John Schneider all weekend at the Philly Comic-Con along with another friends Hazzard Patrol car. Click the link & scroll down & you will see our cars! Should be a great time. Special thanks to Phyllis for posting the fact John wld be attending this event because that prompted me to contact them to get our cars in there with him! http://www.wizardworld.com/home-pa.html
  5. Finally added my teardrop antenna & my hood signals!
  6. lookin like after 2 years I will be able to get Rick at the Sperryville event!!! YEEHAW!
  7. Yes just saw it on Cooters page that Rick Hurst will be attending the Sperryville event being held this year in VA!!!! IN FACT it will also: Feature personal appearances by; Catherine Bach- "Daisy Duke" James Best- "Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane" Sonny Shroyer- "Deputy Enos Straight" and dozens of "General Lees".
  8. Phyllis thanks again for posting that Johns gonna be in Philly in June will have to get over & see him at the Comic-Convention!
  9. Sorry I have been sucha slacker with posting pictures but my son & I have been enjoying the car now for 2 full seasons. I will have to get a pictures after season 2 so ya'll can see how much people love the General Lee!!!
  10. I have since put a dress up Edelbrock kit on there Valve covers Air Cleaner Then went with a KN type filter that was dyable yes dyable so I dyed it orange (the element itself) pretty cool. I cannot believe I haven't really taken any pictures of the engine since it's been completed but it came out great. Won 2nd in Carlisle this past season & thats something to be said! Oh heres a pictures after season one with the car:
  11. after that it looked like this! We then shot it with orange since I was keeping the engine compartment black & this is how that turned out.
  12. Hey!!!!! i just went through the entire link here & looked & read all the posts (1 hour or so later lol) I wanted to get everyone up to spped & see how everyone was doing? We have won over 35 trophies with the General and have done under the engine compartment since I last wrote on here too. Pictures you say?!?!? lol S U R E...lemme go get'em Pulled it out (yes with the hood on!!!) Dirty old bird aint she? Then we taped of every possible entrance for the sand to get in & sand blasted away 40 years or grease & grime in 10 minutes!!!
  13. Thanks so much guys he is my bestest lil buddy. He said last week at a car show we went to & I quote "Dad when is this thing gonna be over, I just wanna get our trophy & go home". I couldn't help but laugh. At the first couple of events I had to walk up with him, but now he's actually gotten used to goin up to get it so much so he goes it alone. Thing is now he expects it LOL. It's so neat to see him change everyday & mature a lil bit all the time but I just know I'm gonna miss things he says & the way he says them. You all know what I mean I'm sure.
  14. Roger yea that's my lil Bo alright. At every car event I go to he is right by my side!
  15. here we are just last wknd at Atco Raceway show!
  16. Next yer we will make another family trip down but this time with a new member to our family as my wife is pregnant with our 2nd child!
  17. I guess I have been out enjoying my ride as much as possible. Oh Boluke I see you got to meet up with Rick while you were there....funny cause myself & my son & wife got to meet up with Sonny! Sonny signs my visor: Sonny signing my decklid: My son gets to meet Sonny & got a car signed also: & I prob already posted this b4 but here I am outside Cooters with my decklid on my shoulder & my son is in the go-cart lol:
  18. the new place has cool stuff though including mini golf upstairs & indoor go carts in the back! here are a few more shots inside the new place...
  19. Place directly across the street stayed but changed names & food from a steak house to a pancake house here's a 06-(steak) & the 09-(pancake) shot: . . Here are the best shots I could get of the General Lee in the new location ya kinda cant get the entire car:
  20. ok Here is the old Cooters in Gatlinberg taken from across the street in 2006...... . . & sad to say here it is in a 1009 shot: . . This is what used to be in the old location:
  21. Oh yes it has moved because his old place there was a gas station...an OLD gas station renovated to become his museum. It was the 1st building on the right as you came into town but progress came to town & it has since been knocked down to build more rooms/stores/motel & so on. They were able to have the General Lee outside & you could walk up to it & a tow truck & patrol car not to mention Daisy's Jeep but like you said at the new location just the General & the General is inside now (looks 2 b permanent to because there is a good 3 foot drop out front of the store whe
  22. Thanks & well....actually recd a response from Carlisle also b4 they posted on their site I sent an email askin if Jimmy would be there & this was the reply! Good Times...I sure hope Jimmy can be brought out to the Hazzard cars that attend the event so we can get pictures with him & our cars!!!! Tom (Here is the Carlisle reply)---->YES, James Best will be here on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the Chrysler event. Thank you for the inquiry and we look forward to seeing you at the show!! Thanks Ed
  23. So i hear he is supposed to be there but wanted to see if anyone has any "official" word on it?
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