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  1. Bo looked over as the guns cocked and stood up quickly, putting Julie behind him.

    "Look, guys its me you want. Leave her here with the General and i'll come quietly alright...."

    The two guys nodded and motioned for Bo to follow them. Bo quickly spun round and grabbed Julie by the shoulders, shaking her slightly so she would understand.

    "Listen to me, go back to the farm and tell no one about this! Alright you cannot tell anyone. I'll be back before they know it, just say you found the General but you didn't see me."

    He kept screaming at her, telling her the same thing as the men grabbed his arms and dragged him away into their car.

  2. A couple of my fave quotes are...

    One Armed Bandits:

    Jesse: Dumb Cooter? You was the one who lent your car to him. Next time you wanna lend your car to a fool like that, just run it over a cliff, save gas.

    Boss: Rosco, I got me three medals in two wars and the only time I get scared is when you get smug.

    Ghost of the General Lee

    Bo: You know this is real funny. Of all the ghost stories I ever read, we’re supposed to be chasin’ them!

    Luke: That’ll teach ya not to believe everythin’ ya hear.

    Rosco: You seen it? You seen it too? The ghost of the General Lee? Come back.

    Boss: O’course I seen it. And that car was no ghost. Them Duke Boys maybe dead but that car ain’t because cars don’t die!

    Rosco: Well batteries do Boss why not cars?

    I can't remember where the rest of these come from...

    (Enos is chasing the Dukes)

    Luke: Bo, do you like having a tail?

    Bo: Do I look like a Possum? [Pause] Don’t answer that.

    (At a warehouse. There is a guard in front of the door. Luke starts walking towards the door.)

    Guard: (seeing Luke) Hey you!

    Luke: Howdy.

    Guard: What are you doing?

    Luke: Well actually I’m looking for someone. (Bo jumps down off the roof and on top of the guard) Oh and here he is now!

    Bo: (gets the guard off the floor)

    Luke: This here’s my cousin Bo.

    Bo: (knocks the guy out cold.)

    Luke: It is Rosco!

    Bo: You mean it was Rosco. Wave goodbye to the nice man.

    Bo: they're shootin at us!

    Luke: course they are, what'd you expect em to do? throw darts?

    Bo: It’s just a bugs bunny doll, who would shoot at a bugs bunny doll?

    Luke: Elmer Fudd.

    Waylon: When Daisy found out about her car, well, she took it in her stride (as Daisy chases Bo and Luke with a frying pan.)

    Luke: Bo! You got the IQ of a turnip, a small one!

    By-Line Daisy Duke

    (Bo and Luke are in an orange truck, Jesse in the General behind them, Rosco and Boss coming at the truck from the front and Cletus from the back)

    Jesse: You boys got any idea on how we’re gonna get outta this mess?

    Luke: The only way I can see is do a little square dancing. I’ll do that calling.

    (Bo gives him a puzzled look)

    Jesse: Square Dancing?

    Luke: Hold your partner close and tight, Do-si-do with all your might.

    (Bo and Jesse laugh)

    Jesse: And I’ll swing left, you swing right.

    (And they do as the song says, at the last minute, Bo swerves right and Jesse swerves right, making the patrol cars collide.)

    (In by-line Daisy Duke, Bo looks in the wing mirror and sees Daisy aiming at the tires of the truck)

    Bo: Now if we can just figure out what the heck Daisy’s up to.

    Bo: (Nervously) Uh Daisy don’t do that….Daisy! Daisy!

    Waylon: You know it just dawned on me! Daisy don’t know whose drivin’!

    Ok thats more than a couple but at least I kept you entertained for a few minutes...right?

  3. Daisy coughed and spluttered in the dust as Bo drove quickly by, and she could have sworn she could see tears falling down his cheeks. She yelled after him, shielding her eyes with her hand against the bright sunlight. She heard Luke yell too, and saw him runnin across the yard.

    Bo sped down the dirt track, ignoring the calls of his family as the muscle car drowned out the rest of the world. He didn't know where the heck he was going, he just needed to get away from there. He drove blindly, all sorts of thoughts running through his head, making it pound and feel iller than he already was.

    Eventually he pulled roughly into a secluded hidden spot by the lake, a spot that him and Luke used to go to as children when they played hookie from school. He climbed out the General, watching the sparkaling lake for a moment before sinking to his knees and screaming up at the sky.

  4. Daisy shrugged and put an arm round her friend's shoulder.

    "Why don't you drive Red Fury, i'll drive Dixie and we'll see who gets there first. Last one there buys lunch."

    Bo keeps his head resolutly under the hood as silent tears slip down his cheeks. He heard Luke sigh and watched out the corner of his eye as he headed over to the wood pile, removed his shirt and started furiously chopping wood. The thumps that resounded around the silent yard did nothing to better his mood and seemed to give him an even bigger headache than the one he already had. With a resignated huff, he slammed the hood to the General shut and slipped silently into the driver's seat, starting up the engine and heading out the farm, tears still falling.

  5. Daisy sighed as she watched her two cousins. The last time they had fought like this had ended up badly and resulted in Bo walking out the farm. As they saw Luke gently hold hia hands up defensivly and speak calmly and softly to Bo, she breathed a sigh of relief, smiling at Uncle Jesse's comment.

    "Come on B.L, lets go out the other way and avoid the boys. I wouldn't like to get caught up in whatever it is they're arguing about, especially if it is girls."

    Bo's breath caught in his throat as Luke backed off, apologising. That just made him want to shout even more. This wasn't Luke's fault, and it in no way could be, he was just so worried. He choked a little as Luke teminded him of the times when they would share things together without a moments hesitation. He quickly shook his head though and turned back to work the rest of the problems out of the General.

    "It's nothin' Luke."

  6. By the time Luke reached Bo, his whole body was trembling and he looked like he was trying to fight back tears. So he forgot to do one stupid chore that was Luke's in the first place. He didn't need this right now, he didn't need the extra pressure from Luke and he certainly didn't need Luke snapping at him everytime he turned a corner.

    "Luke I've had just about enough of you snapping at me over the past few days! I got enough to handle at the moment without you makin' it worse so unless you want me to sock you in the jaw just BACK OFF!"

    He was stood practically nose to nose with his cousin, who was more like a brother to him, praying to god that Luke didn't push him that far.

  7. Daisy walked down the hallway and into the living room, wearing her trademark short shorts and a yellow halterneck top, high heels clacking on the floor.

    "I'm ready to go when you are B.L. This is gonna be so much fun, we ain't been out togather in ages!"

    Crosses over to give B.L a hug but frowns as she looks out the window.

    "What... what s'matter with Bo?"

    Bo, after being snapped at for the second time that day, was sat with his head in his hands in front of General Lee, all tools discarded. His head suddenly jerked up however as everyone heard the call from Luke echo loudly across the courtyard. Bo got to his feet, his face a mix of frustration and anger, his fists clenched as Luke headed over towards him.

  8. Sighs, biting back the frustrated comments he was about to say, knowing that she and Luke were just concerned.

    "It ain't when you's doin' double chores and workin' on the engine of a car."

    Curses as his catches the back of his hand on something in the General. Snaps his hand out from its place in the engine, shaking it.

    "Ah! Damn it! Stupid..."

    Picks up the tool he dropped and carries on working, still mumbling under his breath

  9. Bo looks thorugh the General's engine, spotting quickly the faults and tune ups that Luke had been talking about that needed fixing. He bent down to pick up the tools that were laying next to his feet, and jumped when B.L's face appeared under the hood. He smiled slightly at her before engrossing himself in his work.

    "No....nothin's wrong. Just don't appriciate bein' snapped at so early in the mornin' when all I was doin' was takin' a break is all."

    He hadn't been sleeping at night either, making him irritable, which everyone noticed was out of character for his usually happy-go-lucky personality. Everytime he closed his eyes he could see Luke, or Daisy or Uncle Jesse getting shot, or driven off a cliff or meeting their deaths early ins ome form and everytime there was nothing he could do but stand by and watch. In the end, he gave up on sleep completly and was just content to listen to his cousin's soft, reassuring breathing.

  10. Bo works slowly under the hood of the General, feeling guilty for snapping at Luke like that. He didn't mean to, of course he didn't. Luke was like his bigger brother....and that's why he needed to protect him so bad, he wouldn't be able to live with himself if something happened to Luke because of something he did.

    Sighing he turned his attention back to the General's engine, frowning as he spotted the problems that Luke had been talking about the previous day. Picking up the tools that lay on the ground beside his feet, he got to work, not noticing the sound of footsteps approaching him gently, muttering under his breath.

    "What am I gonna do....I gotta do somethin'...."

  11. I'm 17 and i've been a fan of John and Bo since I was 5 years old and used to watch the Dukes over here every night before I watched wrestling. My dad was the one who got me into it and now he wishes he hadn't cause I go round saying what he likes to call either Hazzardism's or Boism's.

    So that means I have been a fan of DOH and Bo for...12 years and counting. :-)

  12. Quick Question. Can anyone point me to an epsiode where Bo gets so badly hurt he ends up in Tri County? He was in there briefly for My Son, Bo Hogg but I mean like Luke was In Brotherly Love when he got concussion. Has anyone seen an epsiode where Bo gets like that??

  13. Bo climbed down from the hay loft to follow his cousin, a scowl crossing his face as his hands when to his hips and he glared challengingly at Luke.

    "I didn't do nothin?! For your information, while you's was off chasin' them girls last night I was back here doin' my evenin' chores and your's to keep Uncle Jesse from yellin' at you for not doin' em afore you went out!"

    Luke snorted disbelivingly as he turned back to his younger cousin, still angry.

    "Bo, the only reason you did my chores was because you knew that if you didn't do 'em LIKE YOU PROMISED, i'd tell Uncle Jesse you's been shirtin' yours for a couple o'days now."

    Bo frowned, glaring at him to keep his trap shut. Yes he had been shirting his chores, begging Luke to do them for him while he went out. Of course, Luke thought that that was mainly down to the fact that Bo was hunting girls as he usually did....but this time it was different.

    Bo was in big trouble and since getting into that trouble, he had been trying to figure a way out of it. A couple of days back, he had been driving into town for some supplies for Uncle Jesse. Everything was going just fine...that was until he was stopped by a couple of guys with guns on one of the back roads. They had forced him to drive them to their hideout, where they knocked him out and kept him inside for a couple of hours. When they finally got round to releasing him, they had told him that they had planted bugs around the town and if he told anyone where the hideout was or what they were planning to do, they would pick off his family memeber one by one.

    He had returned home that night, supporting a gash on the side of his head where they two men had hit him and feeling terrible. The family had questioned him as soon as he got in, but all he said was that he hit his head in the General doing a jump and had it seen to by Doc Appleby. But as they days wore on, Bo became more and more agitated, more and more guilt ridden. He knew what those guys were planning and everyday he drove to the lake trying to clear his head, to try and figure out a way that he could stop them doing what it was they were planning without getting his family involved. He hated lying and keeping his family in the dark, especially to Luke, but he could see no other way to protect them, no other way to keep them out of danger.

    "Luke you don't....never mind."

    With that he stormed out the barn and lifted the General's hood, getting to work on the adjustments and tune ups he knew Luke was angry at him for not doing the previous night.

  14. There was one epsiode where Luke and Bo are sneaking up to the warehouse. Bo climbs on top of the roof and Luke heads straight to the door with the guard in fron and this happens.

    Guard: (seeing Luke) Hey you!

    Luke: Howdy.

    Guard: What are you doing?

    Luke: Well actually I’m looking for someone. (Bo jumps down off the roof and on top of the guard) Oh and here he is now!

    Bo: (gets the guard off the floor)

    Luke: This here’s my cousin Bo.

    Bo: (knocks the guy out cold.)

    Loved it, had me in stitches for the rest of the show

  15. Hey, anybody can reply to this, I don't mind.

    "Beaureguard James Duke! If you don't get over here right now I swear..."

    Bo peeked out from his resting spot in the hay loft of the barn, looking out to find a very irritated looking Luke standing beside the General Lee, looking around for him. He winced as he heard his full name being used and knew then that Luke was in a very bad mood. At first he decided that it would be safer for his health if he just stayed nice and safe in the hay loft...that was until a few moments later when Luke's mop of curly black hair came into veiw, followed by his very angry face.

    "Hey Bo, Having a nice time up here?"

    "Urm...yeah I just....just finished all my chores and came up here for a rest...why is there....is there something wrong?"

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