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  1. MaryAnne-- Pin the Tail on the Dukes...the one with Jesse's friend Hector Farley...and the most expensive hair dryer LOL... Jax
  2. 1) Atlanta 2) A casino 3) # 607 Heres another toughie for you Roger... What famous person visited the livery stable and in what year?
  3. 1) Luke 2) Rosco's diary 3) Sycamore Rd Heres a toughie for you Roger... Which break light was out on the General? Good Luck! Jax
  4. 1) Post Mistress 2) Billy Joe Fong 3) Scoop Whitman Sorry Roger...youre incorrect! And Im afraid you are too MeadowMufn... Jax
  5. Roger--- Heres a question for you! In what episode of the Dukes is Starsky & Hutch mentioned? This question is open to all you good Hazzard folk as well! Good Luck!! Jax
  6. 1) Trout season 2) A book about swimming 3) Old Factory Whistle LOL A great episode... I love the part when Cooter gets the boys out of jail! A very creative use of donuts! Jax
  7. Roger--- 1) The girls all get prettier at closing time... 2) His horoscope... 3) Bonnie Mae is the name of the goat. Oh and the answer to the question I asked about who stepped on the net and made it fall on Rosco... The answer is Bo! Jax
  8. Roger--- It pays to be observant! Anyone else want to take a shot at my question? Julie--- Flash never had puppies. Jax
  9. 1. Boss' vault 2. Raw liver... (EWWWW) 3. All seats 99 cents. Heres a question for you Roger: Who stepped on the net that caused it to fall on Rosco? Good Luck!! Jax
  10. Amos Stigger is a pilot...or cropduster! LOL The boys wanted him to fly out Cale Yarbrough but he couldnt, he had to go dust Boss' fields...and Boss didnt have any fields to dust! LOL Jax
  11. Roger--- Time to crack open my database again...But just to help narrow the search, in which season does it get mentioned... I tell you, I need to redo this thing to make the info easier to get to!...LOL Jax
  12. 1) The Duke Farm. 2) Jack and the Beanstalk. 3) The farm has been in the family since 1792. Sorry I was late answering it Roger...I was in TN when you asked these Jax
  13. Roger... The two Stovalls are Clarence and Dewey... LOL yes and in seperate seasons, Dewey was season 1, Route 7-11 and Clarence was season 4, The Great Bank Robbery! Great scene when Bo pulls the fire alarm! LOL Jax
  14. Roger--- Yes, it is the only DOH episode that's missing the General! And boy they really could have used him in it! LOL. Check out the episode so you'll be prepared for my trivia questions! Jax
  15. MaryAnne-- How about The Scarlet O'Hara....Can you imagine Luke telling Bo.."Cousin go get Scarlet! We gotta go stop those guys!" ROFLMAO!! Jax
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