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  1. Roger are you trying to cause a ruckus? LOL...I know I havent been around lately and for that I'm sorry. Looks like you and I both will be asking trivia questions around here Jax
  2. LOL Well isnt that interesting! Now let me look this up in my Hazzard to English Dictionary...*flips pages* let me translate this for you! Bo wants to know where Luke is, to which he replies hes on the run after a fight with Ernie. (More than likely a bar brawl, you know how the boys are! LOL) Bo wants to know if hes driving fast to which Luke replies his truck can only do 80 max. Bo offers to lend a hand with the General Lee. Luke accepts the offer and then tells Bo to hurry before cops from everywhere, including Hazzard, catch up with him. Bo replies okay and wants to know his location to which Luke replies Hazzard Lake. Bo then tells him to hold on while he gets there and to drive safely until he does. Luke acknowledges the message.. This conversation makes perfect sense to a DOH fan, all DOH fans are fluent in both CB and Duke! Dont you just love the way those boys talk! LOL Jax
  3. You are correct BL! LOL...And I have to admit that the boys dressed up in all that cowboy gear looked pretty sexy! I mean come on! Joe with that whip? Who wouldn't love that? Jax
  4. Another interesting bit about that episode is you can see John's wedding ring...If we're supposed to believe that's Bo right out of high school, he should have taken it off! LOL! Jax
  5. It was Daisy in the plane and Bo was the one on the ladder...Funny because John doesnt like heights yet there he is LOL... Jax
  6. Redneck Woman-- Wow! You did pretty well with those questions, except the last one is incorrect. Congrats on the correct answers though, you did really well! Care to guess again for that last one? Jax
  7. MaryAnne-- Wow! You got 7 out of 8! Unfortunately, number 6 is wrong... Care to venture another guess? But as for the others, good job!! Jax
  8. Hey Gang! Here are the newest trivia questions I posted about a dozen pages ago: Mary Kaye’s Baby: 1. What is in the back seat? 2. Whose car is it? 3. Where is Mary Kaye headed? 4. Who does Luke hit with an egg? 5. Where was Enos parked at the start of the chase? 6. What amount did Mary Kaye have with her? 7. How much did the Duke boys give her? 8. What colors are in the quilt that is covering Mary Kaye? Sorry this is so late! but here are the answers! 1. Moonshine 2. Cooter's 3. Florida 4. Leo (McQuade's bodyguard) 5. Parkins Road 6. $118,254.37 7. 10 bucks and some change 8. Pink with white, black and red checkered squares. And since MaryAnne wants more trivia lets go on with season 1... Heres some from Repo Men: 1) Who drove the car that Bo and Luke wanted? 2) How much did Ace want for the car that the boys wanted? 3) Which of the boys had the papers for the Rolls Royce? 4) What did the boys do to the car Ace jumped into? 5) How much did Bo ask to borrow from Cooter? 6) Which club does Lulu Hogg belong to? 7) What is the number of the car that the boys want? 8) What is the breed of dog the boys to distract the bad guys' guard dog? Here's some from High Octane: 9) What is the license plate number of General Lee? 10) What is the prize for the contest? 11) What are Jesse's and Luke's initials? 12) How often do the Dukes have to report to their probation officer? 13) T or F. Bo's tie is undone when Boss and Jesse discuss the contest. 14) What happened to the shine when Agent Huntley discovered the still? 15) What is Agent Huntley's first name? 16) How many bags of sugar do the Dukes use to make shine? You know thanks to the new database I can double my questions! Whoo hooo!!! Good Luck Trivia Hounds! Jax
  9. Roger--- 1) Boss Hogg. 2) 63 seconds 3) The bullhorns fell off... Boss almost got poked in the backside with them! LOL Jax
  10. Miz Tisdale is the observer and its the 4th of July that's mentioned! Jax PS. Roger, I prefer either MinDuke or Jax..either one is fine with me!
  11. MaryAnne--- The answer is no, the names of the boys' bows did not carry over from GA to CA! LOL...Luke's is a Martin Cougar, Bo's is a Martin Warthog...About the only thing that did carry over was the color...Bo has a brown stock, Luke has a black stock! That fact never changed in the seasons! So...looks like you owe me a round of drinks! Jax
  12. Roger-- What Ive had to do is go episode by episode and write down every single teeny weeny detail I could find! LOL...Signs, billboards...everything! Listen to conversations and make detailed notes. Believe me it isnt easy, even if youre naturally observant and its taken some time. When I wrote my trivia book, it would literally take me hours for one episode! And heres the kicker, I did the trivia book when the show was on TNN!! LOL videotape!! Now that theyve come out on DVD its opened up even more details, which is another reason why I'm redoing the database. At the time, TNN sliced and diced the episodes like they were ham at a deli counter, some of them were missing up to 15 minutes per episode. Thats a lot more missing info!! But Ive loved Dukes all my life so the database and the trivia is a labor of love! Jax
  13. Roger-- According to my database, Season 4, Episode: Law & Jesse Duke, the price of the Chickasaw paper is 2 dimes, 4 nickels or 20 pennies! LOL Geez which my paper was that cheap! LOL As for the other questions: 1) Jesse Duke 2) Boss Hogg 3) Jake Sumner LOL...Good questions Roger... Jax
  14. 1) Rosco's 2) Lulu Hogg 3) 1 million dollars LOL And for the last one Roger, can you narrow it down, like what season its from? You know how my database is. I'm trying to get a new one made so I can get the info easier... like typing in a keyword... Jax
  15. MaryAnne-- Ooops youre right I forgot to answer! But you are correct...a solar powered still! LOL isnt technology wonderful? A solar powered Robot P Coltrane? LOL how about if the boys run the General Lee with a solar panel? Jax
  16. MinDuke


    Great pic Brian!! Question though... will the website have a place for fanfiction? Jax
  17. Roger-- Wow my own category! Im so flattered! Thank you!! And heres your answers: 1) Hazzard 2) Beauty (Swimsuit) 3)a carburetor 4) Wayfaring Stranger... Jax
  18. In Bad Day in Hazzard, Season 4... Jesse tells the cousins and Cooter a story about him and Boss. The Boars Nest was a warehouse in those days where Boss used to store his shine... Jax
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