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    "Oh Coot I've missed you so much." Dusty said as she held Cooter. "I missed you to baby." Cooter answered back with a smile. Cooter thought that he would probably never see his Dusty Rose ever again. It was like before Dusty left with Enos to California, she had shut him out.
    What Cooter didn't know was that Dusty had being brutly raped by Hughie Hogg and had lost their child because of it. Dusty had thought Cooter was to not ever want to see her again. "Cooter, I have something to tell ya. 2 years ago, just before Enos and myself came out here, I was pregnant with your child." Dusty began. "That's awsome honey." Cooter said as he swung her around with joy.
    "Wait a minute Cooter. What you don't know was that Hughie Hogg brutly raped me which caused me to loose our child. I didn't know how to tell you. Can you ever forgive me?" Dusty said with tears in her eyes.
    Cue runningwild
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