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  1. The ONLY things I liked about this thing were the General Lee; the naked girls and Dukes Boys Swingin' by Cowboy Troy. This time, they turned Bo and Luke into two of the biggest morons I've ever seen in my life! I'd like to see Wopat and Schneider's Dukes beat the stew out Randy Wayne and Jonathon Bennett's Dukes...then, have the Knoxville/Scott Dukes chain them to the bumper of the General Lee and jump/ski/drift them... I will admit, my jaw dropped when I saw Sherilyn Fenn as Lulu. And I instantly thought of her in Meridian: Kiss of the Beast
  2. I'm glad to know there're other KISS fans here. Would the tribute band you mentioned happen to be STRUTTER? They used to come to Birmingham quite a bit in the mid 90s. But what KISS songs, if any, would you select for a Dukes car chase? I don't want to see this thread get shut down for going off topic.
  3. I agree. The music in the movie, as it as, was perfect. And if WB had released ALL the songs heard in the movie on CD, I'd've bought the soundtrack. I would buy a two CD set no problem... ...and I'm adding Motley Crew's LOOKS THAT KILL to the list.
  4. I'm now adding... You Got Another Thing Coming by Judas Priest
  5. And since John Schneider starred on Smallville, the Dukes and Superman are now entwined!
  6. For me, the movie will NEVER replace the TV show. But I had an interesting experience at Wal-Mart in late December: Here it was, December 2005, and I saw Star Wars toys out there. I know it was ANAKIN SKYWALKER, but it WAS Star Wars. I do remember when it was LUKE SKYWALKER and his bunch in the stores. I also saw a remote control General Lee...but it was Johnny Knoxville; Seann William Scott and Jessica Simpson on the toy. And I remember when it was John Schneider; Tom Wopat and Catherine Bach on merchandise 25 years ago!
  7. I am 33 years old. And I still recall my first exposure to the Dukes TV show. I believe I was 6 years old. I think The Incredible Hulk was still on. My mother was watching the tube when I saw a colorful racing car jumping. It was bright orange; had the lettering of "General Lee" on the roof; a Confederate flag on the roof and the numbers "01" on the doors. At 6 years old, I was just enchanted by the car. I soon learned that the TV show was called The Dukes of Hazzard. There were cousins Bo, Luke, Daisy, their Uncle Jesse; their friend Cooter Davenport and their enemies Boss Hogg and Sh
  8. The MOVIE Roscoe is a lot smarter than the TV Roscoe, which I liked. That Roscoe would be a truly worthy opponent to the TV Dukes. In season one, Best's Roscoe was brighter, but had a genuine hatred of the Dukes. You can count me a fan of the movie Dukes too. I loved Johnny being the NORMAL guy...as compared to the screwball CHARACTER of Seann. If I'd been Luke, when Bo was explaining to the General why he had to be covered up, I'd've told Annette and Katie, "The car's got issues."
  9. Two more KISS songs come to mind: I've Had Enough(Into the Fire)-Mark St. John's guitar work is awesome! Rocket Ride
  10. I stand corrected. Thanks. I still liked Daisy's CAR more than her JEEP. By the way, in one episode, I saw, what was supposed to be, a speedometer for the General Lee could '69 Charger actually reach 150 mph? I also recall Starsky & Hutch's Torino's speedometer with a speed of 120 mph. Only in Hazzard County could you drive 150 mph and not be noticed!
  11. Led Zep! You know, I'd've NEVER thought of that! Does anybody think Steppenwolf's BORN TO BE WILD would work?
  12. One of the highlights of the Dukes movie was that awesome chase in downtown Atlanta after Daisy, Annette and Katie sprung Bo & Luke. In the background(after Luke ticked off Bo for stealing Katie), we heard AC/DC's If You Want Blood in the background. What songs/musical pieces do you think would fit this chase? I'm looking mainly at MUSIC, not necessarily lyrics. My choices include: I Stole Your Love by Kiss Detroit Rock City by Kiss King of the Nighttime World by Kiss Tarot Woman by Rainbow
  13. Which vehicle of Daisy's did you like more? I liked her yellow Charger more than I liked her Jeep. Your thoughts please...
  14. Was anybody else here mad at just how few songs actually wound up on the Dukes movie soundtrack? If it'd had If You Want Blood on it, I'd've bought it. Yeah, I know there could be licensing issues, but that few a songs on it just chapped my hide. Maybe WB could issue a volume 2...
  15. What're your favorite comments by our beloved balladeer? From the episode The Treasure of Soggy Marsh they are: "We're about to see an interesting experiment in physics, the one about the irresistible force and the immovable object...and somebody better duck!" "Now what kind of fella could see a woman that looks like that and that's all he can think of to say. He must be a city boy." The one that ALWAYS comes to mind is "The Hazzard County carwarsh" when Roscoe, his deputies and their cars all wind up in a lake.
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