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  1. There's Courtney standing on the stump, Bo rushes over. He says "Look at the size of these trees, they are enormous!" There the trees lied there on the hillside, where they fell after being cut. Bo looked down at the stumps and saw that they were neatly cut by a chainsaw. Courtney looks at Bo saying "Why would someone cut such beautiful trees!" Bo said "Well it wasn't for the lumber by the look of these things I'd reckon these trees were cut in the last 10 year. I guess that's another mystery we'll have to solve later, but I think it has something to do with this treasure map!"
  2. Bo:We should see every pine tree for miles. "Maybe we read the map wrong." says Courtney. Bo says "Whoa! What a disappointment I was really excited about this treasure hunt!" Courtney says to Bo "I'm going to look for an easier way back down the hill. Bo says "I'm going to look at this map one more time!" Courtney starts wandering around looking for another way down. Bo stays at the pinnacle of the hill. Looking at the map seeing if he miscalculated the directions or the distance. Bo keeps looking at the map & looking back in the direction of the cabin. Dang it all!" he says to himself. "I wish I had a compass I should have been a boyscout. Bo looks up and looks around & doesn't see Courtney anywhere. All of a sudden Bo gets worried. "Courtney where are you?!" "Courtney! Courtney!" Suddenly Courtney screams back. "Bo! Bo! Come quick! Bo runs in the direction of Courtney's voice. Bo says "Courtney where are you?!" "Over here!" Courtney says back. Bo runs over the hill & thinks to himself "Why did I let Courtney go off by herself?" Bo says "Courtney where are you?" "Over here." she says. As Bo turns around he sees Courtney standing there with her arms raised in the air. She's standing there alright right on the top of a huge pine stump. She says "Look Bo! There's 2 other stumps just like this. Someone cut down the pine trees!" "Wow! Bo says "You found the 3 pines!"
  3. So they headed down to the woods to the east. It was so steep that Courtney thought she would fall off the earth. They kept climbing Bo lead the way & Courtney held on to his shirt. They kept climbing till they finally came on the top of the hill. When they got there it was a beautiful view that they could see for miles. Courtney says "I've never been here before. Because I've been too afraid to climb the hill!" As they stood there they looked around. Bo said "I don't see any pine trees! Surely if there were I would see them."
  4. They're both walking together arm & arm and stop to look at the map. Bo says "This map shows 3 pine trees together due east of the cabin since the sun came up this morning. Let's go find those pine trees!" Courtney says "Oh Bo, do you think we can do it?" Bo replies "As long as we stick together we can do it!"
  5. Bo leans over and kisses Courtney on the cheek as they are walking together in their direction in the woods
  6. Bo:Yes! And just as pretty as you are! And they're walking arm and arm around each other
  7. So Bo and Courtney get done eating and they clean up. Then they get a shower then get dressed and go on their adventure. They go outside follow the map of the adventure
  8. I've never heard of Grass Lake

  9. I'm familiar with those 2 cities. I've been out to Chelsea before

  10. Courtney pats and rubs Bo's back as they are eating at the table
  11. Thanks for helping me with my stories with Bo Duke and me! Aren't they good?

  12. I'm from Rochester Hills. It's just north of Detroit.

  13. Bo sees Courtney daydreaming but doesn't want to distract her. So they eat their breakfast at the table.
  14. They sit down at the table and have their breakfast and cup of coffee!
  15. So Bo puts all of the pancakes on the plate and puts them on the table and they hug and wait for the coffee to get done brewing
  16. Courtney starts making the coffee and Bo is putting the pancakes on a plate. Courtney is hugging Bo leaning against his shoulder with her arms around him. Then the coffee is brewing
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