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  1. I love your avatar image!

  2. Listen (Jessica Mae Parker) character, Bo is *MY* dreamlover since he was on the look out for girls *I* want to definately be his girlfriend! it's un acceptable for a different gal than me to have him. If so I'd want to harm her

  3. I've never heard of Grass Lake

  4. I'm familiar with those 2 cities. I've been out to Chelsea before

  5. Thanks for helping me with my stories with Bo Duke and me! Aren't they good?

  6. I'm from Rochester Hills. It's just north of Detroit.

  7. I'm sorry if I'm not posting in your "Michael Knight story" but I don't know how to play the character and what to say, really

  8. which character should I play?

  9. I never watched Knight Rider. I'm not familiar with any characters honestly

  10. I could do that but I don't know how to explain certain ways to play it.

  11. Who should I be and what's it about?

  12. What would it be about?

  13. Cool! How do I get there?

  14. Hi dukesrule2000! I've talked to you before. I see that you're from Maine. I love Maine, it's always been my favorite state!

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