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  1. If I remember right didnt Rosco and Enos have to ride Horses with lights on their heads, as Boss Hogg wasnt going to pay for any more Patrol Cars. After showing them all the ones they had wrecked.
  2. Wasnt the Guy who played Jason Steele in 10 million Dollar Sheriff the guy who Clint was fighting in Any Which Way You Can?
  3. I thought Uncle jesse had known Bo and Luke all thier lives. As in one episode he says something like "the first thing all the babies he helped deliver was this handsome face of mine, Including them two up there" reffering to Bo and Luke.
  4. I bet there was a Lewie Hogg somewhere to lol
  5. How about "Theres a Flaw in the Slaw" Remember that from one episode that made me chuckle
  6. Wasnt that short Guy Henry Gibson? on A programe in the 60s or 70s reading bad poetry?
  7. Hi thanks for the greetings. I Do support a football team Manchester City cheers Bryan
  8. Id never seen a patrol car like that one in any other episode anyone know what make it was could it have been an early Plymouth. Also In Swamp Molly Most of the Time the Patrol Cars are Plymouth Furys but in a couple of Scenes its a differant car Ford or a Dodge? Cheers
  9. Hi I remember he is saying something like Go Fish but Which episode was it I think it was in season 2?
  10. Yep i remember David Graf RIP in the Canterbury Crook
  11. I also love this episode as for years its the only Dukes episode I ever had on Tape. As here in the UK it was not shown again until the early 90s. (Also the episode was on a betamax tape we still have a working machine Just) and I tnink it was shown in the UK in 1985 we were about a year behind the US
  12. Hello All Nice to find a website dedicated to one of my fave shows of all time. Any other fans from the UK Around
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