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  1. "Angie, Angie ya got your ears on?" Enos said "Hey there Enos yea i'm here. What ya got for me?" Angie said "They said they will talk to you. Can you get here tomarrow?" "I sure can. Thanks Enos" Angie said "Sure thing Angie. Bye Bye" Enos said "I'll be at the garage if you need me. If something goes wrong just give me a holler on the cb." Cooter said "I kno, I'll be fine." Angie said "What did Enos want?" Dez asked "Oh nothing. I asked him something earlier and he was just answering me." Angie told Dez. Dez just looked away back at the sky not really caring about what Angie said. It was one of the best nights in Hazzard county. The next morning Angie arrived at the jail just like she said she would. "Hello Enos, Rosco,Boss anybody here?" Angie said as she entered the jail. "Well hi Angie. Thanks for coming." Enos said "They said that they would talk to you but only if it was just the three of you. They said no police can be in there. Is that ok?" "Yea Enos I'll be just fine. I can handle myself." Angie said. She walked down the stairs to find Jimmy and Paul sleeping. "WAKE UP" Angie yelled "What the....what do you want? Oh I guess your Dez's sister." Paul said. "Yes I am. What did you need?" Angie said "We would like our farm back. I know your uncle bought it and you and your sister now run it but we want it back." Paul said "Well you aren't gettin it back. You went to jail and it now belongs to us. When you were in jail you couldn't pay you mortage. So Boss put it up for sale. It is our farm now. Please just leave us alone because if you try to take it back you will be in trouble." Angie said and walked away. "Did everything go ok? Did they upset you?" Enos asked "No Enos everything went ok." Angie said "What did they want to talk about?" Enos asked "They asked me for the farm back. I told them that they weren't going to get it back and if they tried the would get in trouble." Angie told Enos and now Rosco as he walked in. "Ok missy. Is everything ok?" Rosco asked "It sure is." Angie replied Cue:
  2. "Can you hand me a wrench sweety?" Angie says to Cooter. "I sure can honey." Cotter replys. As he hands her the wrench she leans over and gives him a kiss. "Well thats the best thank you I have ever gotten." Cooter says blushing. "Well if you hand me that rag over there, you can have another thank you." Angie says. Cooter was more than happy to run and get the rag. Angie and Cooter went into his office to "talk". As usual they were interupted by Bo,Luke,Kristy,and Dez. "Are we interupting somthing in here?" Luke says "You are always interupting us." Cooter says dissapointed with the current situation. "O well sorry." Dez says with an attitude. "Well you're here, what can we do for ya?" Angie says. "We wanted to know if you wanted to go to lunch with us at the Boar's Nest." Kristy said "Well I guess we could use some food.".......They all headed to the Boar's Nest where Daisy already had food and beer waiting for them. "Hey Daisy, hows it goin?" Dez asked "It's goin great sugar." Daisy said. "Hey Daisy, can i have a shot of whisky?" Angie asked "You sure can but why do you want whisky?" "I need somthing strong" Angie said to Daisy "I'd like a shot of shine but no one has that anymore." Angie said "You like shine?" Luke asked "I sure do, I haven't had any good stuff since I ran it across Kentucky with my cousin Travis. Those were the good ol'days." Angie said "You used to run shine? Me and Luke used to for our Uncle." Bo says "Dez used to run it to with our other cousin Andy. I'm guessin she didn't tell ya." "Thanks, and no I didn't tell them." Dez said "Will everyone come to my farm tonight? I have a surprise. And make sure you bring Uncle Jesse too." Angie said "OK we will come but why?" "Its a surprise." "Be there by 7:00. Sweety will you come at 5:30?" Angie asked Cooter. "I sure will honey." Cooter replied At Angie and Dez's farm Cooter was there right on schedule 5:30. Angie was making a big dinner for everyone and she wanted Cooter to help. Angie and Cooter were sittin on the back porch waitin for everyone to show up. "Hello? Is anybody home?" a strange voice said. "We are in the back." Angie yelled "Well howdy there deputy, what can we do for ya?" Angie asked "Hello ma'am my name is Enos, is Dez here?" No she's not but she should be back anytime now. Why,whats goin on?" Angie asked "Well those two men in the jail want to speak to Dez. They wont talk to anybody but her. And they wont tell me why." Enos said "Well you ask them if her sister is ok cause I know she will not talk to them without hittin one of em." Angie told Enos "Ok Angie I'll ask them and give ya a call on the cb. Bye ya'll." Enos said as he was walking away. "That looks like Enos. I wonder what he wanted." Dez was thinkin to herself. "Howdy ya'll. I hope you're hungry we made alot of food." Cooter said to everybody as they walked to the house. "Yeeehaawwww FOOD." Bo yelled "I'm starvin." Luke said "What did Enos want? We seen him leavin." "Oh nothing just had to ask Cooter somthing." Angie said "Cooter will you come here please?" Angie asked "Whats goin on sweety?" Cooter says "Don't tell Dez about what Enos was really here for. She will flip." "OK" Cooter said Cue: You..
  3. Well I have to say that the story is great. I love it. It makes you feel like your watching an episode of the Dukes. Although I think that someone needs to write longer scenes and spelling could be a lil better. But keep up the great work.
  4. Well......I just seen the movie and I have to say that it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be........but........it's not like the Dukes at all. I didn't like the way they made Cooter look dumb. I didn't understand Sheeves at all. Some parts of the movie seemed like what the Dukes would do and say. The characters of Bo and Luke seemed switched. Bo is usually the one with all the girls and in the movie it was Luke. That's what I think............
  5. Yes the Duke boys were HOT too. Thanks Mom's lil Daisy
  6. Cooter is my favorite, maybe it is because we both like cars or i just like his type. I think Cooter is HOT!! This is my first post and I'm a new user.
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