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  1. I know there is currently an up-roar in the sports world about the Confederate Flag and how it stands for hate and horrible times in the South. Why would they choose that to put on The General? Or what did it mean to them? Thank you, Chad
  2. If anyone has a nice General Lee that lives in Eastern Iowa let me know, would love to get a close up view of the legend. Just reply to this post.
  3. Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 30 miles north of the best team in college football!
  4. I can't get any of these trailers to play on my pc. Can someone send me a file of it that I can open or give me a suggestion to get this to open for me?!
  5. I thought I heard Ben Jones make the comment that one of the General's jumps was a world record, or world record at the time. Does anyone know anymore on that? I know the General will be attempting a new world record in July, good luck!! Thanks, Chad
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