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  7. Well, Willie could have helped, but they muted him. No one could help her out.
  8. Yeah, Rams are great trucks. I got mine new for 28,000. I did buy it out of state (Oregon) because for that same truck (in California) they wanted 39,000 for. I use to have a 1992 Chevy 1500. It was all lifted and had the big tires. I was a great truck but it got old real fast. One cause everyone started to lift they truck just because and two with the independent front end on that truck as a pain in the a**. I broke my lift two times because of the front end. I still love Chevy but now it all about Dodges for me.
  9. Well I drive a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 truck. It’s my baby. My fiancés get mad at me for calling it my baby. Oh well it is and always will be. It’s the first big thing I bought. It’s a great truck. I got the off road addition that Dodge offered. It a white truck, nice V8 magnum, quad cab, 33in tires, 4-10 gears. It aint nothing special but it dose me just fine. And before you ask have I ever used 4-wheel drive? Yes. That truck has been put though it paces. The other thing I have is a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix. (I hate this car) Not gonna tell you about that thing. Shoot a car is just a car, But a truck is a truck.
  10. oh boy oh boy. BO BO BO. Man to have the chance to spend a day with Bo. I could truely die a happy happy woman.
  11. Heck I couldnt even recall that one until I watch the ep. Even at that I watched it two time before I picked up on it.
  12. John also made it into TV Guide for being a HOT Pops on TV. I was 2nd on the list. Way to go John.
  13. Luke: Are you speeding? Bo: Nope I'm going 54 right on the noise. Cross my heart and hope to give up women. Balladeer: Now friends that a no.