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The first time Cletus appeared was in the season one episode, Money To Burn. He was posing as an armored car driver for his cousin Boss. And only he and Rosco knew who he was. In season two, Enos had appendicitis and Cletus filled in for Enos as temporary deputy in The Meeting and in Road Pirates. He helped Cousin Boss out in civilian mode in The Ruslers and by the time of the second season, Cletus was considered to be a Hazzard native. It wasn't until Enos left for California at the end of Enos Strate To the Top, the opening episode of season three, that Cletus officially became Hazzard's new deputy. CLetus's regular tour of Hazzard duty lasted through seasons three and four and five early episodes of season five in which he shared a patrol car with Enos, who had returned and they consistently bickered over whose turn it was to drive the car. As of the Hazzardgate Tape episode, Cletus was said to have gone on vacation, but just downright disappeared without a trace. Cletus returned to Hazzard sometime between the show's end and the first reunion movie, where he became Rosco's Chief Deputy.

Hope this helps.

Will Rodgers

The Voice Man

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