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The who's who, of the New Guy saga


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John Waylon Barsdow, now Duke. He is Bo's son. Bo met his mother, on a shine run to Hueytown ala. Bo left before, he even knew about him. After his mother died, he wanted to meet his father. John, is a master mechanic, with a love of racing, and muscle cars. He is 25 yrs old. (better outlined, in the new guy, in the story index, and Bosses redemption, in the round robin section)

Bo Jr. - Son of Bo and Beth, about 17 yrs old.

Beth - Bo's wife

Debbie - Lukes Wife

Jake - Luke and Debbies son

Kylie Mcdowell - Johns girlfriend, yet to be introduced.

Since I borrowed, Jr., Beth, Debbie, and Jake, from the fics, feel free to borrow John.

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