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So... I'm new to this site so I'm not sure if this would be the correct spot to place this... But I've recently been watching The Dukes on Prime, currently in season 7, and I got to thinking about how my dad and I both love the show and how we both love General, I think it would be a huge undertaking and I know my dad won't be able to help me with it, which means I won't have that bonding time with him, but I've been thinking about pretty much building the General. I think it'll be a great way to learn about cars and their parts, but also to have a bit of a hobby, and reason to get my hands dirty. I'm kinda thinking about building two Generals though, one for me and one to surprise my dad with some day, he's wanted that car since I was a little girl sitting on the couch watching the show (reruns, I am a 90s baby/kid lol) with him. 

So my question is, to get the EXACT replica of General, what do I do? What would I need to research? Obviously, when doing this I'd have someone that knows about cars there to help me and explain things to me, but I want the General to be built right or there's no point. I know that it's a 69 dodge charger, (from what I've read though it's sometimes a 68 I guess) orange, confederate flag on top, 01 on the side, welded doors and stuff... But I need to know what's under the hood and what type of CB radio they use stuff like that... What tire brand and such. Is General an automatic or stick shift? I personally would have to do an automatic, I can't drive a stick shift, I've tried and literally almost died. 

Now, I don't speak car and driver, so I'm sure a lot of this will be lost on me... But any and all information and links to send me in the right direction would be amazing!

Thanks y'all 

Ps- if y'all read this far... Thank you and I'm so sorry... I'm a struggle bus like you wouldn't believe 

Pray for me 

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Welcome to HNet, MissMausoleum.

I wouldn't be an expert on this, but I can tell you that it's impossible to build an exact replica because the General changed over the seasons. For example, earlier cars had a narrower nudge bar welded to the bumper, but later cars had a wider one which attached to the frame. Side makers and back up lights can be seen on some cars but not on others. Some people like to include the decal of the crossed flags by the rear window, but that only appeared in the Georgia episodes. Engine-wise, the majority of Generals had a 383, but they also used some 318s and 440s (but no Hemis). The list goes on. Your best bet is to either pick a specific car to copy, or to combine the details you prefer.

If you've been watching on Prime, you may have missed out on the DVD extras. The one below includes memories from some of the people who worked with the cars as well as a brief history of the Charger.

Let us know how you get on.

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