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"Written in Stone" Rosco fanfic, anyone know the author??


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This isn't my fanfic, but it's an awesome story that has seemingly been abandoned over 10 years ago on fanfiction.net.  I thought I would ask around over here and see if anyone knows who wrote it...or if YOU wrote it, will claim it.  It's one of the only Rosco centered fics and was really getting interesting when the author disappeared.  For some reason, they rated it "Mature" and so it doesn't show up under normal search tags, but it should really be rated "Teen". 

The premise, as far as I can tell from the first 6 chapters:  Rosco and Enos chase down 2 criminals who have passed through Hazzard.  Rosco orders Enos to help him box them in, which they do, but Enos' door is towards the criminals and, when he opens it, they shoot him dead.  They then take aim at Rosco, who manages to get a couple of shots off, but is hit in the shoulder.  He falls down and the shooter comes over to him, tells him that it's ironic that he's going to kill him with his deputy's pistol, aims and fires at Rosco....  The next thing he knows, Rosco wakes up in the chair in the booking office, and Enos is still alive.  He thinks it must have been a strange dream.  Then REALLY weird things start happening - he starts having visions of Enos dying and seeing the 'dream' play out in front of him in different ways.  He gets paranoid enough to start training Enos and Cletus on the proper way to box in criminals and how to protect themselves...  and that's it.  No more fic...  It was really interesting. 

If this is your fic....I'm here to humbly ask you to continue it.  It's worth finishing!!  (I'm the one that keeps leaving reviews about badgering you about finishing ;) )  For anyone who wants to read it, here is the link: Written in Stone

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