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(This is an open round robin story feel free to add on it's also 3rd person as well) She was doing her chores just like any other day that she would, when she heard that familiar car pull up into her fathers driveway. Amelia walked out of the barn from doing her barn chores and milking one of their cows. She glanced at Bo and Luke as they climb out of their car and her dad walked towards them from the front porch. She wondered what the boys were there for. Sure her dad's roof was old and needed new shingles but other than that she felt like the didn't need any help that they were managing just fine on their own. After her brother left, she could handle most of the farm chores  by herself along with her house hold chores, she didn't need help of two country boys that were her neighbors and who she went to school with as well.

"Pa, I'm done with my chores, I'm gonna head into town to do errands," Amelia says.

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