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The General Lee

The Dukes Rules

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The car's fast, but remember it was just a show. They were SUPPOSED to get away every time. It also depends on the driver, not just the machine. All the HP in the world won't do jack if you can't handle it. I'd love a General too, but it's damn hard to get one of those Chargers, especially a '69. There was one sitting outside someone's house in need of restoration for many months on my route home from work, but it's disappeared. If I had the money I woulda made an offer.

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The cheapest I have seen any 69 Charger lately, was at a swap meet in the Midwest a few years ago. The car was trailered in as a restoration in progress, that was being sold "as is." It had a non-running motor and a halfway decent body, but the interior was hell and the dash panel was gone. They wanted eight thousand for it. I didn't have that kind of cash on me, or I would have grabbed it in a heartbeat.

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Yeah, they're expensive n' rare to find....especially after the 2005 Dukes movie and the new straight to DVD film.

You're even lucky if you can find a 68' or 70' Charger nowadays. But, don't lose heart. They're out there. Just last week a friend of mine found a running 70' Charger for sale for $8k. Yeah, that's certainly a lot of $$, but "cheap" when trying to find a descent 68-70' Charger today. Just keep checking Ebay often as well as your local papers to see if something turns up in your particular area. Who knows...

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