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Days of Future Past

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Right, so I posted a little blurb under TV about this, but I figured I'd post something more in depth here on this thread. Basically last year sometime I wrote a Dukes of Hazzard x Supernatural Crossover (prompted by finding an old Crony in the Supernatural Fandom who might have sworn me to secrecy as well as people who grew up watching the Dukes who loved it as kids) - and I've got some other Dukes x Supernatural fics in the works that are unrelated to this. I figured I might as well give y'all a synopsis here (it's a different one than is on the site but it's the same story and it still describes it, just more directed to y'all than my normal audiences now a days).

Synopsis: Things have been rough in Hazzard with bad omens running rampant, which brings home a woman that was thought to have been murdered in 1983 on her 20th birthday... but the year is 2010 and she hasn't even hit 30 yet... and why is she traveling with Sam and Dean Winchester (Supernatural). Will Bo Duke be able to handle seeing her again and will he be able to let go? Can Luke help figure things out and keep Bo and Sam from fighting like cats and dogs if it calls for it? Can she convince Cooter that it is really her? Can they save her when a rogue angel kidnaps her, and can they save Nancy Lou, Cooter's daughter, when she thinks she's doing the right thing? And who wins the Traditional Thanksgiving Ridge Runner's Race? Will Sam and Dean survive some traditional Southern Jukin'? Will Dean Winchester, who listens to nothing but classic rock, be able to survive the country music? Also, WHY is Cletus building a Nest in a tree?

Link: https://kcswritingroom.wordpress.com/xo-ff/days/

Please note: This is a part of a larger series for Supernatural and is the initial story for the series (currently five fics long with four posted), and I tried to combine some of the best elements from both shows into this initial story. It is also, following Dukes tradition, a CLEAN fic that is family friendly... but there are some minor horror elements... and I do mean minor.

Also, Please Note: This takes place in Hazzard in the year 2010. Boss and Jesse have both passed on, Enos is in California. Rosco is retired. Cletus is Sheriff. Bo, Luke, and Daisy are living on the Duke farm. Bo is married (to Gabby - this is mentioned in passing). Cooter has opened a new garage in town after his stint as a Congressman.

The link above is to my site for my Supernatural Fanfiction, but it takes you directly to the page of Days of Future Past's table of contents.

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