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Supernatural x Dukes Crossover Fanfiction?


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Yeah... I uh... kinda went there.

I ended up somehow, someway in the Supernatural fandom... if anyone is wondering what happened to me over the past few years.

Someone donk me on the head.

*clears throat* Anyway, if anyone is interested as I have bumped into some old Dukes cronies in the Supernatural Fandom, About a year ago, I wrote a Supernatural Dukes of Hazzard Crossover.

It's not one of those new fangled reader insert stories. It's as clean as anything else I've written. It's family oriented.

Basically, Sam and Dean Winchester end up in a Modern Hazzard County, probably takes place around 2010. The story is the first part in a Supernatural Series, I do admit to that.

I am planning on doing another crossover.... or two... or three... unrelated to the aforementioned.

Anywho - the story is titled Days of Future Past.


And if anyone is interested in my Supernatural Fanfiction - It's all there ( www.kcswritingroom.wordpress.com ):-) Well, except anything i messed up too much to post... and yes, I did set up a link to my stuff on MaryAnne's site with a disclaimer that I do not own that site and it is an external website.



PS I more go by the pen name KC now a days, but hey... times change.

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