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Cooter's Garage Band CDs

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Anyone else here have Ben Jones' music CDs?  I'd like to hear what others think!


I recently picked up both ("Southern to the Bone" and "One For The Younguns") at Cooter's Place in Gatlinburg. 


The music is mix of covers and original songs, most with Ben himself singing the lead.  There are some Dukes references here and there in some of the songs, but otherwise its music that would be right at home in Hazzard: bluegrass, rockabilly, ballads, rhythm and blues, country. 


I had the impression that the "Younguns" CD was kids songs, but really its just more music similar what's on the first CD.  The best part about the CD for Dukes fans is that it contains Ben's rendition of 'Good Ol Boys'.  It also contains a song called "Cooter's Place" that sounds like it was meant to be the theme song for Ben's stores (or maybe a Cooter spin off series?). 


Both CDs can be purchased individually or together at a discount at cootersplace.com


You can listen to samples of 'Southern' on Amazon.com:



I recommend both CDS for any Dukes fans- its not the kind of silly stuff from the 80s Dukes 'sountrack' record.


Here is the review I put on Amazon for 'Southern To The Bone:


Honest, Southern and pleasant to listen to- like spending some time with an old friend. Mr. Jones was probably the most authentic part of the Dukes of Hazzard cultural phenomenon and you can hear that come through in his music. Some original stuff, some covers, but all clearly done with love, and not some overly polished 'Dukes' merchandise record from the studio marketing department. Just what it should be- fun!



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