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It a good time to be a Dukes fan!

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I grew up with the show, but have had a stronger resurgence of my 'fandom' in the last few years.  I dove heavily into the show since then and have come to understand why it appeals to me.  However, I know few people who are still interested enough to talk about different aspects of the show- that's why I come here.


So for the past few years, I've been wallowing in my Dukes fandom in relative isolation.  That is until this week!  Yes, I have strong feelings about the current controversy, but really I'm having a great time seeing so much Dukes on the news and places like Facebook.  And how cool is it to see Ben Cooter Jones on tv!  I hope this all creates a windfall for his 3 'Cooter's Place' locations and brings fans back to the show.



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