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Nothin' Endures Like Change

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Jesse Duke felt the sun shine through the window in his bedroom he slowly made his way out to the kitchen to get some coffee.

He couldn't fool himself life as he knew it was no more , as he took a sip out of his coffee mug he could feel the pain in his heart.

Since Daisy had already left for work he figured that since it was such a nice day he would go sit out on the front porch.

Meanwhile over at the Hazzard Junkyard the General Lee was sitting there in a far corner all bent out of shape .

" Hey Charlie I see the General arrived here all in one piece ". stated Cooter

" Yes it did Cooter it is gonna take a pretty penny to put it back to it's former glory". explained Charlie

" Poor Bo , Luke they sure suffered a bad accident it's hard to believe their car is now damaged goods". explained Cooter

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