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Cold Winter's Night

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It's Winter time in Hazzard it sure has been a rough one though since most Hazzard people ain't used to driving in snow they crash.

Over at the Dukefarm things have taken a turn for the worse on account of Jesse has lost most of his crops due to the snow.

and to make matter's worse O'l Luke has come down with a really bad cold on account of him and Bo went swimming last night.

So While Bo was sitting at the kitchen table eating his breakfast Luke was still in bed fast asleep trying to get all the rest he can get.

Every so often Bo would hear a few short coughs , sneezes coming from his and Luke's bedroom an so finally Luke decided to get up.

Just as Luke was entering the Kitchen Uncle Jesse was coming in after having fed the chickens their breakfast.

" Morning ....(achoo cough.. cough) uncle Jesse ". greeted Luke

" Luke what are you doing up you is supposed to be in bed resting ". asked Jesse

" Well I wanted to get a chance to eat..(achoo , cough) breakfast for Bo ate it all". joked Luke

" Very funny Luke y'know I wouldn't do that to you since you getting sick and all ". confessed Bo

" Luke go on back to bed now you shouldn't be up moving around ". ordered Jesse

So Luke did as he was told even though he didn't want to but he didn't have the strength to argue so he left".

Since Luke didn't feel like sleeping he decided to read a little of one of his car magazines but he could only read to pages before his eyes started getting heavy and Luke fought the battle at first but in the end he lost and he fell asleep again.

Then later on that day Luke had decided to go to the Boars Nest with Bo since Boss hogg had caught another celebrity in Rosco's speedtrap this time it was Barbara Mandrell and she was singing her little heart out and the boys was loving every minute of it.

But unfortunately by the end of the concert Luke started feeling a little more sick then he had before '.

" He suddenly started to feel a tight feeling in his chest like he couldn't breath so he quick patted Bo on the shoulder.

And told him that he feel's bad and he want's to go home and so Bo took Luke on home".

Later that evening when the boy's was getting ready for bed Luke couldn't help but feel a little dizzy like he was going pass out.

Then all of sudden Luke got this sharp pain in his head and he suddenly fell to the bedroom floor".

" Oh My God LUKE !!!! are you alright cuz answer me ". asked Bo

" Luke , Luke , Luke wake up , LUKE wake up please". begged Bo

But it was no use Luke was not making a sign what so ever".

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