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It ain't very often you'll see someone tool a set of wheels almost as good as Bo and Luke Duke what you reckon is going on ?".

" C'mon hurry up were losin' him at this rate we'll never catch him ". said Tex

" Okay hold your horses I"ll catch him on the next bend coming up okay". reassured Charlie

Unfortunately Charlie was just no match as the mysterious driver was making his getaway Charlie had fallen into a pile of dirt.

" Charlie how could you I can't believe you stupid fool !!!". said Tex

" Don't worry Boss we have may lost him this time but next time he won't get away so easily . said Charlie

Meanwhile at the Dukefarm the boys was picking out the corn from this summer's harvest and they was sweating like pigs.

" Oh Lordy Luke is sure is a hot one today ". said Bo

" Yep I know what you mean cuz I'm thinking of throwing in the towel ". said Luke

The boys was so busy collecting the corn they didn't hear a stranger pulling up into their driveway and then slowly get out.

" Who do you reckon that is cuz?". asked Bo

" I ain't got the slightest idea ". said Luke

The stranger walked up to the farm's doorstep and he knocked a few times for someone answered.

" Howdy how may I help you ?". asked Jesse

" Well um.... ", Mr. Duke you may find this a little hard to believe but it is true ". said Judd

" How do you know who I am ?'. asked Jesse

" Well if your Luke Dukes Uncle your mine too ". said Judd

Then the stranger slowly took off his sunglasses and looked Jesse into the face , began to explain.

" Mr Duke my name is Judd Duke I'm.... Luke's Brother ". said Judd

" Oh My God your ... your... um... uh... well come on in I'll go get the boys ". said Jesse

So Jesse went out back to where the boy's was busy doing their chores and he walked on over to Luke.

" Uh... Luke there's someone here to see ya but um.. you ain't seen him since you was a little boy. said Jesse

" Well who is he ?". asked Luke

" Well why don't you come on in and I"ll let him tell ya ". said Jesse

So Luke followed Jesse back into the farmhouse as Luke was walking he didn't know what to think about this stranger Jesse told him.

' Hey Luke wow this is unbelieveable I can't believe it my big brother ". said Judd

" WHAT are you out of your mind wait a minute my baby brother died in a hospital fire when he was 2 months old ". said Luke

" Now wait a minute their was a fire but I wasn't lost in it you see their was this nurse their she was a widow lady". said Judd

" Her name was Pamaela Moore and when that fire started she just grabbed me up and ran ". said Judd

" But how can you be my brother my mama , daddy was told he died ". said Judd

" Well in case you want proof I got the same birthmark as you do ". said Judd

Then Luke's eyes got as big as saucers and he took one look at Judd and then felt like he was gonna faint.

" Your ... Your.. my..baby ..br". then Luke fainted before he could finish ".

So Judd quickly put Luke onto the sofa and got a wet washcloth and put it over his face.

And Then about 15 minutes later Luke slowley started to come around and he looked Judd in the face and couldn't believe his eyes.

" Oh My Lord I can't believe it you are actually here ". said Luke

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