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Need Help being heard by the Tom Wopat webcrew on Facebook


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I would like everyone that is either a Dukes fan or Tom Wopat fan to please post something like on the Tom Wopat page here on fb so we can keep up with him and what is going on thank you....... Here is the link if you don't already know to his FB page https://www.facebook.com/tomwopat?fref=ts

I would like to voice my opinion about some things i have noticed aren't working right on Tom information. Updates on his FB page aren't getting done and concert dates are missing and am wondering why? This is the only way i can find out if he is coming to an area near me so i can get tickets and to at the very least keep up with the man in this fashion. I have seen or rather not see things getting updated correctly for over the past year. I'm tired of it and this concerns me greatly.

Also Tom's Official website store is down for some reason on his website. This is very disheartening. www.tomwopat.com is the web address. Everything else works there except for the web store. I have written to the webmaster and things have not been resolved. We need to make some noise now not later because later maybe too late to get anything done for this great entertainer /singer/actor/Broadway star and all around classy guy.

Please help. There is also a Twitter account in Tom's name that you can access.This is the only way to get things heard so let's do it please. A little group by the name Tom Wopat Dedication Fan Club Group on Facebook is trying to get things rolling but need help.


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