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Family stuff...:D

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Idk, but just like the Duke family (sorta)...my family is more hot tempered and stubborn to give up, but from my dad's side, Irish, Danish and Cherokee rule on that side, on my mother side is Irish and Mexican...But on me father's side, it's a strong bloodline, the Hoods are one tough cookie type group, but the men act like lions (protecting family from rivals and loving their family), while the women act more like bears (protecting their children and loving their family)...thats the best way I know to describe my family...tiz me dad's side is related to Princess Diana and Elvis Presley...soo ya....lol

My family are the type to not call 9-1-1, they grab a gun, but they never take revenge on nobody! They might keep a grudge for as one might have 'burnt their bridges.' But I am an oddball from the family, unlike everybody else, I am what my friends call an 'rainbow emo,' as I am always happy and they call me crazy because I keep seeing happy faces in weird places. :rofl: I laugh at just about anything, which got me in trouble a few times, but hey, thats just me peoples...PEACE OUT!

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