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Been workin on a piece with Kelsey while I am staying with ma bff...its quite easy with two people ya know...just need some colored pencils....idk if she wants me to tell yall, but I'll let yall in a little secret...me and Kelsey both Love how Rosco reacts...and we both know how her mustang acts to me...LOL.

Git this, if you stand by Spirit's (the mustang Kelsey owns) stomach, he'll reach around and nip ya right in the back...so...we are doing a series of photos....I feel so guilty to draw Spirit nippin Rosco in the back on the third photo...:rofl:

But....eerm...I hope Kelsey doesn't find out I told ya...uum... I'll just....yea...run :escape: AWAY! (xD Oh these funny faces..I'mma havin fun wifth dem! =D)

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