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A Special Title For Deceased Duke Fans?


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Hi y'all.

I was browsing HNet earlier and noticed threads dedicated to the late Dale Coenen and Glenn Call. Some of you may have known them. Unfortunately I joined HNet too late.

I've read about Dale on CGLFC,and he sounded like a really nice,kind,considerate,caring person.

I haven't been able to find out too much about Glenn, but from what I could find he sounded like a true Duke fan. Caring,helpful,putting others before himself,and jovial.

I was hoping that,instead of letting these 2 great Duke fans fade into the background,we could come up with a title for them. I was thinking that it would be based along the lines of the Fan of The Month,or Hazzardite for Life. Or maybe have the Dale Coenen award or Glenn Call award for certain members that have done something outstanding on HNet.

A few titles I came up with were

"Honorary Duke Fan"

"True Hazzard Hero"

I'm open to suggestions as I can be shockingly insensitive without knowing it sometimes.

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Those are noble ideas, CDoherty95. I had known Dale for a long time and regrettably had lost touch with him during the last couple years before he passed away. I had my own challenges going on but his were far more serious. It's on my long list of regrets.

I didn't know Glenn personally, but knew of him.

We honored Dale in one of our newsletters, and whatever he posted on HNet is still here. Going beyond that, we could consider having a memorial page. The dicey thing about those, is...ya end up adding to them. I dislike starting obituary lists because invariably it seems that more names keep getting added to it.

Having a memorial of some kind is a worthwhile thought, though. I'll talk to Mufn and MaryAnne about it. Thank you for the suggestion!

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