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A goof in "Limo One is Missing" (Not sure if anyone else has posted about it.)


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Okay, so i have started to watch the episode when Cooter steals the presidents limo. After the first jump it goes to Luke and Bo. I noticed that it was from the first episode. If you look, Bo is wearing a blue undershirt but when it goes to them right after the jump, he is wearing the brown undershirt from the first episode. Has anyone else noticed that?

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It's a goof of sorts. It was actually a recycled stock shot from the first episode.

Occasionally episodes would lift a shot or two from other episodes if one was needed during the post-production editing stage, a common practice for such TV shows.

Course, when it comes to the car jumps, they lift footage from all over the places and often package it into one sequence, 'specially in later episodes!! :lol:

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